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School of Creativity

Humans are innately creative. At the School of Creativity, we nurture the creative abilities of young learners and prepare them to succeed in a complex and dynamic world. Whether it is about innovation, problem-solving, business planning, leading a team, growing up a child, volunteering for a non-profit, or celebrating a festival, almost all aspects of professional, personal, and social life require creativity.

Rishihood’s School of Creativity aims to integrate design, performing arts, and visual arts into a multi dimensional whole that helps students achieve their full creative potential.

In our first phase, we launched design majors with multiple specializations.

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Design in India made for the world

We offer an innovative approach to design education. We are the only school of creativity in India within a comprehensive university.


Rishihood’s Bachelor in Design program is a 4-year undergraduate degree for creative minds to sharpen their thinking, get hands-on skills, and exposure to the latest developments in the design field. The uniqueness of Rishihood’s Design major is the interdisciplinary approach and availability of a diverse set of minors and electives from the areas such as artificial intelligence, psychology, entrepreneurship, public leadership, healthcare, sustainability, and more. The more exposure you have, the higher your chances of applying design to the real world. That’s what we prepare you for.


  • Product Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion & Textile
  • Interior Architecture
  • Electives – Kinesthetic art, Photography, Ceramics, Glass, AR/VR, assistive technologies, 3D digitization.
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Integrated Maters in Design Programs (M.Des) at the School of Creativity is meant for the candidates who wish to gain design knowledge along with tools to opt for career pathways in public service, academia, NGOs, innovative ventures, as well as developing specific expertise for design practices.

The M.Des program consists of four semesters with relevant coursework and studios. This program is extensively research oriented and has an opportunity of incubation. We want our learners to be job providers and not only job seekers.

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Design Clinic

The primary purpose of the Design Clinic at the School of Creativity is to develop collaborative research in design and creative practice through external partnerships and engagement. The external partnerships aim to collaborate with Industry, Academia, and Government on a global level for the creation, preservation and application of creative research and knowledge towards betterment of society thus enabling us to take learning beyond the classroom and engaging students on real world, live projects that prepare them better for their careers.

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