Rashtram School of Leadership

Rashtram School of Public Leadership molds self-aware leaders with deep understandings into civilization, emphasizing vital domains for global and Indian well-being. We actively design executive programs, conduct Indic thought research, promote a global leader network, and build strategic alliances worldwide.

Dean’s Message

At Rashtram, we develop civilizationally-assured leaders, blending cutting-edge ideas with Indian values. Our research-driven approach equips graduates to tackle global challenges like AI, climate change, and tribalism, stimulating academic, social, and spiritual growth.

Public Leadership

Undertaking on the path of self-improvement and contemplating the world are routine aspects of your daily life. However, when considering a transformative journey towards your higher calling, it demands courage. We are here to support you in realizing this ambitious dream.

Rishihood’s PG Diploma in Public Leadership is designed to harmonize your inner self with the broader community, society, nation, and global context.

Faculty and Mentors

Discover transformative guidance with mentors and faculty at Rishihood’s School of Public Leadership, shaping leaders for societal impact.

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Dean and Professor - Rashtram School of Public Leadership

Dr. Durgesh Rai

Rashtram School Of Public Leadership

Dr. Bhaskar Yempelli

Rashtram School Of Public Leadership

Alka Siwach

Coordinator - Rashtram School of Public Leadership

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12:00 am - 11:59 pmRishihood University

Unlocking Balance: Navigating the Digital Wellness Landscape

5:00 pm - 7:00 pmOnline Zoom Platform – Rishihood

About Us

The Rashtram School of Public Leadership stands as a beacon for cultivating self-aware and civilizationally-assured public leaders. With a dedicated focus on preparing leaders across diverse domains crucial for global and Indian well-being, Rashtram sets itself apart through its innovative approach.

The school’s commitment is evident in its comprehensive executive learning programs, impactful research initiatives aligning institutions with Indic thought, and the cultivation of a vibrant ecosystem of young leaders in both Indian and international contexts. As Rashtram continues to prosper, it remains steadfast in its mission to contribute to the development of leaders who can effectively address the challenges and opportunities of the future.