Newton School of Technology

Elevate your chances of admission and scholarships by applying early! Explore the pioneering 4-year B.Tech. program in Computer Science & AI at Rishihood University, a UGC-sanctioned collaboration with industry leaders.

Dean’s Message

At Rishihood’s School of Psychology and Education, we empower students with essential skills for success. Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset motivates and prepares students to explore diverse career pathways, from family businesses to larger organizations. Let us guide you on the journey to becoming a job creator, not just a job seeker.

Global B.Tech in Computer Science & AI

India’s pioneer: Global B.Tech. in Computer Science & AI, UGC-approved. A 4-year industry-driven collaboration with Rishihood University.


  • Faculty includes experts from DRDO, IISc, IITs, Delhi University, and other prestigious institutions
  • Cutting-edge Human Augmentation Lab for cognitive science skills
  • Emphasis on hands-on learning through internships and projects
  • Varied minors and double majors options like design, entrepreneurship, AI, and public health
  • Electives – Kinesthetic art, Photography, Ceramics, Glass, AR/VR, assistive technologies
  • On-campus Counseling Psychology Center for practical exposure
  • Focused mentorship with a 1:5 faculty-student ratio

Faculty and Mentors

Newton School of Technology at Rishihood: A powerhouse of academia, promoting cutting-edge learning for the tech leaders of tomorrow.

Siddharth Maheshwari

Co-founder, Newton School of Technology

Nishant Chandra

Co-founder, Newton School of Technology

Aditya Trivedi

Program Director, B.Tech and Rishihood Foundation

Anant Mittal

Academics Head, Newton School of Technology

Dr. K. Gopinath

Professor, Newton School of Technology

Soumitra Mishra

Professor, Newton School of Technology

Surendra Puri Goswami

Professor, Newton School of Technology

Dr. Ankur Gupta

Assistant Professor, Newton School of Technology

Chaitanya PVSK

Newton School of Technology

Priya Gurjar

Teaching Assistant, Newton School of Technology

Vidit Jain

Newton School of Technology

Visiting Faculty

Open industry knowledge with Newton School of Technology’s renowned experts, guiding students towards real-world success in the tech arena.

Dr. Parag Singla

Professor, Department of Computer Science, Indian Instiute of Technology Delhi

Dr. Siddhartha Jayanti

Research Scientist at Google Research and AI; United States
PhD, MIT Boston

Dr. Kishor S. Trivedi

Hudson Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke University

Dr. Prasad Jayanti

Professor and Former Head of Computer Science at Dartmouth

Dr. Prathosh AP

Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, India

Dr. Karthik Mohan

Affiliate Professor, University of Washington

Gita Pendharkar

Lecturer/Senior Teacher, RMIT University, Australia

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Unlocking Balance: Navigating the Digital Wellness Landscape

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About Us

In conclusion, Newton School of Technology transforms tech education with a unique approach, equipping students for success. Exclusive clubs and global programs promote collaboration. Already producing 3000+ developers, Newton School is poised to be a tech leader. Partnered with Rishihood University, the B.Tech. Comp Sc. & AI program offers industry-driven expertise and a commitment to enabling impactful leaders. Together, Newton School and Rishihood shape the next generation of tech leaders.