Nishant Chandra

Co-Founder, Newton School of Technology

Nishant Chandra, an IIT Roorkee graduate, augmented his academic journey with a PGDM from IIM Calcutta. His professional path encompassed impactful roles in Business Analytics and consulting across eminent companies.

Nishant’s fervor for education enhancement converged with Unacademy in 2017, where he assumed roles including Category Head and Product Manager. This stint ignited his exploration of democratic educational models. Post-Unacademy, Nishant co-founded Bolo in 2019 with Siddharth Maheshwari, aiming to bridge the skills gap between software engineers and industry demands. This video-based Q&A startup thrived by tapping into expert insights, exposing a significant disparity between technical abilities and market needs. Recognizing the gap between Indian students’ skills and tech industry demands, Siddharth and Nishant established Newton School in 2019—a pioneering educational platform addressing this gap and fostering technical excellence.

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