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Anti Ragging Circular

Anti Ragging Committee

In compliance of the various statutory guidelines, regulations and provisions, as well as the rulings by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, the following Anti-ragging Committees and Squads have been put in place for over-seeing the implementation of the guidelines, regulations and verdicts on the subject.

1. Measures for Curbing Ragging

1.1 Every student shall submit, at the time of admission and at the time of re-registration for 2nd/3rd/ 4th year two Affidavits, duly notarized, one signed by the student and the other signed by the parent. Draft of the Affidavits required are given at:-

Annexure I – By the student • Annexure II – By the parent

1.2 A student shall not be admitted or re-registered unless and until the Affidavits mentioned in Rule 1.1 are submitted.

1.3 Every student, at the time of admission/re-registration will be supplied Anti-Ragging Regulations of the University.

1.4 The University Authorities shall take necessary steps to sensitize students, parents, authorities about the gravity of ragging. This may be done with the help of audio-visuals, electronic and print mediums. Posters, banners and pamphlets highlighting the menace of ragging and its serious consequences shall be pasted on conspicuous places in the University.

1.5 In addition to Regulations, University will also provide instructions on whom to contact in case of incidence or attempt at ragging. This would include contact mobile numbers of Anti-Ragging Committees, Anti-Ragging Squad, Anti-Ragging Helpline, and relevant State, District and police authorities.

2. Anti-Ragging Committee: Constitution and Function

2.1 The University shall constitute an “Anti-Ragging Committee” in the Chairmanship of the Dean Student Welfare at the beginning of every academic year.

2.2 It shall comprise of faculty members, students from the fresher’s category as well as seniors and selected non-teaching staff as nominated by the Vice-Chancellor.

2.3 This Committee shall be fully responsible to ensure that no incidence of ragging as defined in Rule 2 of these regulations takes place and will also monitor and ensure that the instructions of these regulations are followed fully at all points of time.

2.4 The Committee will also maintain alert vigil at all times and ensure that the Anti-Ragging Squads/Anti- Ragging Helpline of the University carry out their functions properly and efficiently.

2.5 The Anti-Ragging Committee will be responsible and function under the overall direction of the Vice Chancellor.

3. Anti-Ragging Squads: Constitution and Function

3.1 The University keeping in mind number of students, hostels and hostel blocks shall constitute a number of Anti-Ragging Squads as it deem sufficient to implement Anti-Ragging Measures effectively.

3.2 Anti-Ragging Squads shall comprise of senior faculty members and responsible representatives of senior and fresher students.

Anti Ragging Helpline

Anti-Ragging Affidavit to be signed by Parents / Guardian

Policy Against Sexual Harassment

Internal Complaint Committee

As part of the best practices, as also in consonance with the University Grants Commission (Prevention, prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment of women employees and students in higher educational institutions) Regulations, 2015, an Internal Complaints Committee as under has been formed to provide protection against sexual harassment of women at the work place and for the prevention and redressal of complaints of sexual harassment and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

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