School of Healthcare

The School of Healthcare addresses the pressing need for improved health and wellness in the population. Based in India, the school has a mission to train the next generation of healthcare professionals, work with relevant stakeholders to provide healthcare solutions and create research outcomes in health systems.

To achieve this, the school has adopted a unique approach that combines a problem-solving and social-impact mindset with an emphasis on the foundational philosophies of ayurveda, including principles of holistic healthcare, mental well-being, and nutrition.

Dean's Message

The School of Healthcare is a forward-thinking institution poised to make a positive impact in the healthcare field. Its practical, holistic, and indigenous approach to education makes it stand out in the healthcare education landscape. With its emphasis on hands-on experience and a problem-solving mindset, the school is well-equipped to prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals to shape the healthcare systems in the 21st century.


The School of Healthcare offers niche healthcare programs. There are numerous career opportunities for students interested in healthcare but who want to do something other than the standard MBBS, BDS, BAMS, or similar programs. The world of healthcare is way vast than just being centered around ‘medicine’. We train the students for this world so that they are adaptive, dynamic, and entrepreneurial, can become team leaders, and play a significantly important role in healthcare.

The undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Science (Hons) has specializations in:

1.  Healthcare Management
2.  Public Health


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Community Engagement

The school strongly focuses on community engagement and service learning, with students participating in community service projects from the first year. Our mission is to work with the an district of Sonipat in a way that becomes a model for local development.

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