• New Education Policy

    Highlights of the draft education policy 2019.

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  • Gap Year

    Self-discovery program for high-school graduates.

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  • Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

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  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers

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  • Advanced Leadership Program for School Owners

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  • Kaospilot Masterclass

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  • Conceptual view of Rishihood campus

The Impact University


The university believes in an ‘ecosystem’ approach to learning rather than isolated training and research. This means that Rishihood actively engages and nurtures an ecosystem for our academic areas as well as for the larger growth of the nation and the society.


Humans learn through a variety of ways, including observation and reflection. The role of a teacher is to enable the learner to harness multiple sources to acquire and synthesize knowledge. We aim to make learning enjoyable. When a student immerses in learning, it becomes natural, effortless, and enjoyable.


Our full-time students can take-up courses from a variety of schools and academic areas. This enables them to learn beyond their subject. Our flexible credit structure offers major and minor programs. The students need not be restricted to the same program they intended at the time of admission.


Learning has no age. It can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone. Rishihood’s executive education and continuing education programs enable people to keep learning and growing at any age, and be competent in a fast-changing world.


School of Creativity
School of Education
School of Entrepreneurship
School of Healthcare