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Successful Career,

Social Impact

Rishihood is a social impact university. We nurture passionate learners of today to solve the big questions of tomorrow.

Some of the most successful people in history were motivated to create an impact. From Jamshedji Tata to Bill Gates, pioneers in human civilization build great careers, led to a deep social impact, and in the process, transformed themselves.

At Rishihood, we enable this change through our impact ecosystem.

Learning. For a Purpose.

As humanity, we face some ‘big’ questions. The purpose of education is to prepare our students to answer them.

Our teaching-learning process provokes the students to think of the big problems of the time and therefore create a social impact.

See the big questions and our learning philosophy.

The ecosystem of our schools enables us to work on the bigger questions and create social impact.

Schools & Initiatives

School of Creativity

  • Design
  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts

School of Education

  • Teacher Education
  • Psychology
  • Education Leadership

School of Entrepreneurship

  • Family Business
  • Start-up
  • Business Management

School of Healthcare

  • Healthcare Management
  • Paramedics

Rashtram School of Public Leadership

  • Governance & Politics
  • Social Development
  • Policy Research

Gap Year

A year of self-discovery for high school graduates.

Design Fellowship

One-year interdisciplinary fellowship in creativity and entrepreneurship

Researcher’s Home

A home for global researchers to engage with India

The Impact University


We believe in an ‘ecosystem’ approach to learning. This means that Rishihood actively engages and nurtures an ecosystem for social impact.

Our faculty, students, and alumni together create an impact ecosystem.


Humans learn in a variety of ways. A teacher enables the learner to harness multiple sources to acquire and synthesize knowledge.

Therefore, when a student immerses in learning, it becomes natural, effortless, and enjoyable.


Our students take-up courses from a variety of academic areas. Thus, they learn beyond their subject. Our flexible credit structure offers major and minor programs.

The students are not restricted to the same program they intended at the time of admission.


Learning has no age. It can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

Rishihood’s executive education and continuing education programs enable people to keep learning and growing at any age, and be competent in a fast-changing world.

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