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Rishihood is India’s first and only Impact University. We nurture passionate learners of today to solve the big questions of tomorrow.

The successful stories of our times have always been rendered by those who dared to live an elevated experience. Be it Jamshedji Tata or Elon Musk, or MS Dhoni. These pioneers have led lives focused on creating impact, leading to a deep influence on society, and in the process, transforming themselves.

An education that cannot improve the self  and only focuses on transient outcomes is mere literacy. 

Start an Impact Journey with us. Be transformed at Rishihood!

Our Impact Areas


Rishihood University understands the need of modern India and its biggest asset “Youth”. We as an institution strive to provide impact-driven courses to make learners’ transition from school to higher education a journey of exploration. With a plethora of majors combined with essential courses adding Indian values and providing opportunities to develop a future-driven vision.


The need of the hour is to create more business professionals who have entrepreneurship on their minds. We at Rishihood take the phrase “Job Creators” as our benchmark and are working on molding future business personalities of India who will be taking our great nation to the national and international business forums.
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The Doctoral program at Rishihood aims to nurture researchers and give them a platform to share their ideas and take them further under the able guidance of eminent faculty members of the University. We will encourage our scholars to keep India at the epicenter of their research and the data collected will be industry applicable.


Whether you are a student, employee, entrepreneur, educator, parent, or grand parent curiosity forms the essence of learning. And keeping this joy of learning alive is vital in today’s complex and uncertain world. We are doing multiple short term program like K-12 Program, leadership, public policy, governance, entrepreneurship and so on. We believe that learning is a lifelong process and should become a lifestyle. Through executive programs, we facilitate people from all across the world to experience Rishihood.


The Centre for Human Sciences at Rishihood University is committed to advancing the vision of the seers and sages of Bharat through its diverse academic programs and activities. By contextualizing Indian Knowledge Systems and Sanskrit, and utilizing philosophy of great sages like Sri Aurobindo and Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, the centre aims to strengthen India’s soft power and promote spiritual unity to tackle current issues.

Invest in Growth. Invest in the Future
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Open your door to an Impact journey at one of India’s top universities. A larger goal drives every initiative at Rishihood; to create impactful leaders across various domains of life. Rishihood is the culmination of the vision of various leading academic scholars, industry mentors, social sector contributors, spiritual leaders, public leaders, and many more. All our programs are aligned to deliver a learning experience that is Indian, Global, and Futuristic. Our great quest is to bring up learners as impactful leaders embodying ‘Rishihood’ – the state of being a Rishi.

Our learners will go on to become harbingers of change and shape the future of the world.

Explore and immerse yourself in a journey toward achieving excellence. Be part of an impact-driven ecosystem.

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