We believe in an ‘ecosystem’ approach to learning.


Our students take-up courses from a variety of academic areas. Thus, they learn beyond their subject.


Humans learn in a variety of ways. A teacher enables the learner to harness multiple sources ..


Learning has no age. It can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

Self-Transformation, Successful Career, Social Impact

Rishihood is a social impact university. We nurture passionate learners of today to solve the big questions of tomorrow.

Some of the most successful people in history were motivated to create an impact. From Jamshedji Tata to Elon Musk, pioneers in human civilization have built great careers, led to a deep influence on society, and in the process, transformed themselves.

At Rishihood, we enable this change through our learning ecosystem.

Schools at Rishihood

School of Creativity

  • Design
  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts
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School of Education

  • Teacher Education
  • Psychology
  • Education Leadership
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School of Entrepreneurship

  • Startups
  • Family Business
  • Business Management
  • Social Entrepreneurship
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School of Healthcare

  • Healthcare Management
  • Allied Health
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Rashtram School of Public Leadership

  • Politics
  • Civil Society
  • Academia
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Study at the Best University in Haryana

With extensive programmes in Education, Entrepreneurship, Creativity Healthcare & Public Leadership, Rishihood University, Sonipat gives you an opportunity to step into the future. It encourages you to fulfil your passion for doing something greater by achieving new goals and learning new skills at one of the top universities in Haryana

Our programmes are carefully designed for the 21st Century learner, and every aspect of the infrastructure reflects it. Amongst other universities in Delhi NCR, we open doors to innumerable possibilities. You can start your own design label or startup company or be the agent of change in your community. With Rishihood School of Creativity winning the Best Academia and Industry Collaborator award at the Global Education Awards 2019, we aspire to accomplish more such goals and be the best university in Delhi NCR

Rishihood University doesn’t stand by just the theoretical aspect of studying each course but rather believes in learning the practicality or get the true industry experience of what you’re studying in your class.

Why Rishihood?
Self Development
Global Exposure

Why Rishihood?

Rishihood University brings the best of Indian and Western methods of Education together. The outcome is a multidisciplinary approach that gives students enough room to explore their interests and choose subjects not only from their discipline but from other disciplines as well. Students are motivated to follow their passions rather than studying only what the syllabus has to offer. This makes Rishihood stand out in the crowd.

Self Development

Rishihood provides a vibrant environment where students can explore themselves and discover talents they never knew they had in themselves. They get to know themselves better and work even harder to improve. In a nutshell, Rishihood is the journey from being average to empowered – a state of being that’s yours forever.


Everyone at Rishihood is a learner. Everyone experiences and explores Rishihood in their own different ways. So, Experiential Learning forms the core of Rishihood’s teaching-learning methodology. Apart from this, we encourage Peer Learning so that our students get to reflect on their knowledge more than they rely on classroom lectures.

Global Exposure

Rishihood is collaborating with like-minded institutions globally to foster education and research. Our partnerships will facilitate the exchange of Student, Faculty and Researchers for increased knowledge sharing and better international cooperation. 

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