Life at Rishihood

Rishihood is Yours to Create.

“A student’s life at Rishihood is created by love, compassion, curiosity and enthusiasm to discover. In other words, it is yours to create. Rishihood University provides a vibrant range of cultural, recreational and social activities for the students. With so many choices, students can learn new skills or sports; discover talents which you never knew you had and make friendships that will create memories for a lifetime.”

Campus Infrastructure

Rishihood’s world class infrastructure and facilities to make student life comfortable. Classrooms, auditoriums, library, mess, student housings, cafeteria furnished with the finest seating arrangements and fully centralised AC fittings to provide you the best in class learning experience.

Rishihood is a “Class” in World Class.


Rishihood’s whole new world of academic excellence.

  • State of the modern art and air-conditioned classrooms with latest Audio-Visual technological support.
  • Well ventilated classrooms with noise reduction capabilities.
  • Our classrooms naturally trigger a PROGRESSIVE LEARNING experience for the students with the best possible teaching facilities under the supervision of the learned and experienced faculties.

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Do you know about RU’s Brand new learning spaces?

We know that there’s much more to great universities than great buildings – but we also believe in making sure our staff and students are in the kind of environment that enables them to fulfil their potential. Our campus building is designed to support the imaginative and collaborative way we work. Our buildings have learning spaces spread all over the campus. With seminar rooms, lecture theatres, research space, learning areas ang high-tech design studios it’s the ideal environment to work together with your fellow students and professors.

Labs & Workshops

Rishihood means ‘Experiential learning’.

  • Our labs, studios and workshops for each program are designed very judiciously to help our students and faculty explore the real-world implications of the books.
  • LEARNING BY DOING is one of the integral parts of our teaching methodology. To facilitate the best of the outcome, our labs and workshops are well equipped with the latest teaching pedagogies.
  • Our labs and workshops foster safe, comfortable and seamless learning ambience for all.

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The Opportunity Lab or the O-Lab is an interdisciplinary lab to engage students with existing social problems and the role they can play in solving them. Here, students work together to deliberate and design solutions for the challenges around them and apply their subject learning to real-life problems.

Auditorium and Seminar Halls

Rishihood is a stage you can’t miss.

  • An air-conditioned auditorium with a capacity of 350 seating and three 120 seater capacity seminar halls provide awesome space to explore, to study, to interact, to enjoy academic and non-academic events.
  • State-of-the-art for audiovisual facility to facilitate convocation, National-International Seminar, and other activities.
  • Seminar halls at the campus are places to provide a level of interactivity that other places and traditional methods of communication fail to do. They are aesthetically designed where all the important workshops and seminars are held. 
  • The conference halls are built to host several dignitaries to share their valuable insights with our students and faculty members. The same is also being made use of for the placement activities.
  • The conference hall is designed fully air-conditioned, equipped with modern technological facilities, uninterrupted power supply, having an LCD projector and all modern amenities with complete conferencing equipments.

Campus Housing

Rishihood is a ‘Home Away from Home’.

Living on campus means living among friends, being close to classes, getting access to helpful resources, and feeling connected to the University. One of the best ways to experience university life is through Student Housing. Rishihood gives you a lifetime opportunity to stay on campus, close to your mentors and make networks to cherish for life.

Types of Accommodation 

Our rooms are comfortable and secure, allowing you to focus on your studies and enjoy everything that Rishihood has to offer. We try to provide accommodation to maximum students but in case the demand is high, we have partnerships with nearby affordable residential facilities so that you can live comfortably and safely.

Key Highlights:

  • We have shared rooms as well as studio apartments. Many living options include en-suite bathroom should you prefer that.
  • All residents have access to security staff and Residential Support Team which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide a safe and secure living environment.
  • The Campus has separate rooms for boys & girls, the well-furnished and air-conditioned rooms are spacious, well ventilated and provide comfortable & safe stay.
  • 24 hours power back-up, continuous water supply and doctor on call is available.
  • Stationary & provisional outlet to meet your daily needs.
  • Parents /Guardian of wards can comfortably spend time in the spacious lounge.
  • The common lounge is equipped with a television, audio aid, reading areas, board games and a pantry.

Dinning and Meal Services

Our dining facilities are designed such that the students enjoy delicious and healthy meals. The dining space is not just a place to eat but also to build life-long friendships and have informal conversations with the teachers.

Our flex-mess system gives the students flexibility to eat out of their choice. Whether you are a student or a faculty member, you pay whenever you use the mess. If you wish to book your meals upfront, you pay a semester-wise cost for using the mess.

Secured Transport Services

RU’s Transportation Facilities

Rishihood University provides a safe, CCTV monitored and air-conditioned/ non air-conditioned transport for students, with a communication system and supervised pick up & dispersal from the nearest metro station Jahangirpuri and Lajpat Nagar.

The Campus is located on NH-44 at a well-connected place. There is easy availability of public conveyance and cab services of OLA & UBER for students who come from Delhi/ Sonipat and other parts of India. The campus is just a few kilometers away from Delhi.

Health & Wellness

Rishihood is a family which cares.

Rishihood provides a safe and healthy environment so that we can focus on learning and innovation. Health and wellness are given utmost priority and to ensure that a 24×7 infirmary with a facility of doctor-on-call for 24×7 is available on the campus for the students.

Medical Facilities:

  • Qualified staff members with proper first aid training will ensure first aid treatment at the earliest with AMBULANCE availablity 24×7
  • Also, special attention is paid to the health of the students under hygienic medical room with comfortable beds and availability of general medicine with FIRST-AID facility.

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Do you know about RU’s Wellness and Self Discovery Program?

We live in a fast-changing world and its speed tends to create stress in us. As a student, you may find academic demand to be very stressful at times. In order to ensure that we live a balanced stress-free life, the university provides avenues to students where they have opportunities to understand the importance of wellness in our lives and go through a process of self-discovery. There are ample opportunities to attend talks by health experts, spiritual leaders, philosophers. You will have the option of attending yoga classes and learn meditation techniques.

Library & Learning Center

Rishihood is experiencing beyond learning.

  • The LLC is an all-day resource for the students. It gives you access to electronic, print and multimedia resources with staff on hand for support. There are computers, Wi-Fi for laptops and mobile devices, we have technobooth learning space to make group work easier, more involving, and much more interactive. We have quiet study zones too, to allow you to concentrate peacefully.
  • Our large collection of e-books and e-journals together with printed collections mean that you have extensive access to the resources that you need for your assignments. The central library at Rishihood University is well equipped with all the latest books, Indian & International Journals, magazines and other learning resources to provide one of the best learning environments to support all aspects of further research and studies.
  • The library is open 24×7 and provides super silent, comfortable and well ventilated learning ambience.

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Do you know about RU’s Student Resources?

Students on campus have an access to a wide range of resources to help them excel in academics and in co-curricular activities. They have access to high-speed internet, learning management system, online study resources, cafeteria, food services, and other facilities to make life more interesting.

Arts & Culture

Rishihood is about being joyfully creative.

Art and culture are a part of the life of a student at Rishihood. Photography, painting, music, dance, theater, and other areas of performing and creative art are encouraged on the campus. The University plans to have its own band both for Western Music and for Indian Music and the selection for this will be based on auditions that will be conducted. Exhibitions depicting the Art and Culture of India will be a regular feature of the campus life. Creativity is our culture!!

Sports and Athletics

Rishihood is finesse for sports enthusiasts.

Physical fitness is a key component of life on the campus and thus there is a heavy emphasis on sports and athletics. As a student, you will have access to a wide range of sports facilities such as cricket, football, basketball, tennis, badminton, and table tennis. You can pursue your athletic dreams of being a sprinter, or a long-distance runner. You will also have the opportunity to become part of the University’s teams and participate in inter-college or inter-university competitions.

Clubs and Societies

Rishihood is more than just academics.

Freedom of expression is the driving force behind the formation of student clubs and societies. There are a number of such student organizations such as Debating Society, Theater & Creative Communication Club, Western Music Society, Social Impact Society, Local Impact Club, Photography Club, and Gardening Club. Students are, however, free to form new clubs and societies depending on their own interests.

Students’ Union

Rishihood is student empowerment.

The Students’ Union lies at the heart of campus life. The union represents the students and is committed to voicing your opinion, facilitating clubs and societies, offering volunteering and training opportunities and providing support throughout your student life.

All full-time students at Rishihood automatically become members of the Rishihood University Students’ Union. The membership is free and comes with privileges and responsibilities. RUSU is led by a faculty president which guides the executive team of the students.

RUSU is the coordinating body to run the student clubs, organizing fests, and conduct events. The students in RUSU’s executive council work to ensure that everything is done in the best interest of the students. Clubs and fests are themselves run by student officers to give you leadership skills right from the beginning. Through RUSU, you can:

  • Make friends and gain skills by joining student clubs
  • Run a campus magazine, host an interview, run a podcast
  • Organize and attend events including debates, discussions, quizzes, theater and more

Living in Sonipat-NCR

Rishihood is for the community and you.

The university is set in the dual setting of a metropolitan city and a relaxed town. Just an hour away is Delhi with all its amenities, historical places, shopping centres, National and International institutions. Just five minutes away are the famous dhabas of Murthal. Across the campus is the Tau Devilal Park with vast green spaces for you to play and picnic.

For your daily shopping needs, the University stores should be sufficient. If you need anything that is unavailable on campus, the city markets of Sonipat are just ten minutes away. Also available nearby are shopping malls and multiplexes for you to enjoy.

There are lots of places to eat out. They include:

  • More than thirty dhabas of Murthal
  • Nearby malls with dozens of restaurants and outlets
  • Fine-dine restaurants
  • International chains of cafe’s and fast food

Delhi & beyond

  • This is one of the world’s oldest cities, a cultural and political capital, connected to the global industry. A hub for industry, politics, and creativity, Delhi will inspire you and connect you to the world.
  • Being in the National Capital Region ensures you of diverse career opportunities, a huge network of leaders in your field, and cosmopolitan learning resources that if offers.

Rishihood Center for Personality Development

Rishihood is about life skills.

The most important tool in the quest for success is self-confidence, which is a reflection of your own personality. We need motivation, determination, dedication and perseverance to compete in the race for success. The Personality Development Program at the Center provides opportunities for students to undergo capsules on various aspects of the personality of an individual. This is done by covering various topics and situations, to one’s personality development by kindling one’s potential and enhancing it manifold in a non-taxing, self-educative and easy to absorb approach.

Personality Development Programs at the Center is open to all students and is not only about interviews and GDs. It brings about a balance between assessing and knowing yourself. The belief behind this learning methodology is that “knowing oneself is half the battle won”. The key element of this personality development program is to “explore”, which happens at three levels:

  1. I vs. You
  2. Group interactions through Group Discussions
  3. Real-life grilling through Interviews

Now imagine, how it would be if you could express the way you always wanted, become totally charismatic and gain the respect of all people you come across. What would it be like if you are free from financial problems, relationship problems, health problems and having the life of your dreams?

As a student, you can attend these capsules which are organized at frequent intervals and benefit from the transformational experience that you will have.

The following capsules are made available to students. A complete schedule will be available to students during the beginning of the academic year as well as on the website.


 Public Speaking

 Creating Confidence

 The Perfect Interview

 Art of Communication

 Managing Body language

 Dressing & Table Etiquettes

Getting along with People

Managing Time

Group Dynamics and Team Building

Developing Presentation Skills

Work-life Balance