Design Clinic at Rishihood University


The primary purpose of the Design Clinic at the School of Creativity is to develop collaborative research in design and creative practice through external partnerships and engagement. The external partnerships aim to collaborate with Industry, Academia, and Government on a global level for the creation, preservation and application of creative research and knowledge towards betterment of society thus enabling us to take learning beyond the classroom and engaging students on real world, live projects that prepare them better for their careers.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Empanelment to the cell through a screening process.
  • Open to faculty, and existing students of RU.
  • Selection is based on academic performance/departmental recommendations.
  • Non performers/defaulters will not be considered for future projects.

SoCr endeavours to integrate education, research, and service, so that each enriches and extends the other. This integration promotes academic excellence and nurtures innovation and scholarly development. The client partners benefit from the imaginative and creative solutions provided by the SoCr students.

External Partnerships

External Partnerships involves activities on systematic fundamental enquiries to practice based projects creating the possibility and emphasizing participatory design approaches leading to tangible outcomes. This would involve collaborations with

· Industry
· Government
· Academic Institutions
· NGO’s

SoCr and Jaipur Rugs Partnership

The project “कारीगरी” is a step towards Rural Reconstruction. By giving chance to rural women to hone their skills and earn a steady income, we want them to lead a better life. There is a massive gap at Indian grassroot level. India is known for its traditional arts and crafts.

There is a need to augment traditional arts and entrepreneurial skill at the grass root level. This project with support of Chairman Jaipur Rugs; Nand Kishore Chaudhary Ji, will be built into a sustainable livelihood model.

The R&D Cell at School of Creativity, the Design Clinic will be hosting the students on the campus helping them understand the urban culture and how the garment industry functions. The objective of this program is to bring forth the incredible skills and talents of the rural community. The project is also an initiative in giving a new lease of life to some relatively unknown varieties of indigenous fabrics and hand embroideries.

External Partnerships via Civic Engagement is a process of establishing partnerships to serve society through training, building of renewable set of skills and industry sponsored scholarships.

  • Charity event for especially abled
  • Craft workshops
  • Art residencies

Ministry of Communication India Philately Department

Indian Fashion series-4 got released yesterday after a long wait!. Thank You Niraj Sir and Manika Walia for your support, guidance and patience! What started off as a couple of stamps for a vast subject ended up with twenty-five! I feel even this number could not justify the rich, complex and multi diverse qualities of our Fashion culture. The journey was a super enriching experience and by no means an ending one… as the subject itself is persistently evolving.

Rural Immersion Program

Mavli Program

We’re still amazed after our incredible Rural Immersion Program last week at Mavli! It was amazing to spend 7 days living and working alongside local communities, exploring the beauty of rural life, and developing our creativity through workshops and discussions. We learned about simple products, health, hygiene and gender equality. Check out our photos from the program and stay tuned for more reflections on this life-changing experience!

Exposure Program

A little explorers had a blast at the School of Creativity, where they got to experience the world of learning and imagination. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to learn and grow, and we’re grateful to the School of Creativity for giving these kids a day to remember.


This conference will provide a platform to discuss experimentation, alternate viewpoints & norms that might become new identities in the world of creative research and practices. The platform also can be seen as a creative space for future collaborations among scholars from diverse backgrounds.

The considerable human engagement in complex systems and their broad interactions with other systems are redefining design paradigms.

In these challenging times, the theme of the conference is “IDENTITY” – The three pillars of Indian culture form the basis of IDENTITY.

• SARVODAYA (progress for all)
• DHARMA CHAKRA (cycle and circularity)
• VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBHKAM (world as one family)


Experience the vibrant blossoming of creativity at Re-Design 2023, organized by Rishihood University’s School of Creativity. Building upon the success of its inaugural year, this flagship event mesmerized participants and visitors alike as it delved into design principles inspired by the Swastik symbol—an embodiment of harmony, balance, and interconnectedness. Re-Design 2023 stood as the pinnacle of Rishihood University’s highly anticipated Design Week, showcasing the awe-inspiring transformation of students’ creative prowess. Attendees were treated to a myriad of captivating design exhibitions, immersive workshops, thought-provoking discussions, and invaluable networking opportunities that left a lasting impression on both visitors and students. The prestigious event, held on June 23, 2023, welcomed esteemed guests from the design world, including industry stalwarts such as Mr. Nitish Das, CEO of CII’s Design Committee; Mr. Dhruv Kaura, COO Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd, and Chairperson of Tasva; Ms. Geetika Bahuguna, COO Millennium Schools Pan India; and Professor Seema Srivastava, a renowned design professor affiliated with National Eminence Design Institutes.

Their presence added an extra layer of significance and expertise to the proceedings. Re-Design 2023 brought together a vibrant community of creative minds, fostering an atmosphere of inspiration, exploration, and collaboration. It served as a catalyst for the exchange of ideas, pushing boundaries, and reimagining the possibilities within the realm of design. The event left participants yearning for more as they departed with newfound knowledge, connections, and an ignited passion to further their creative journey.

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