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Design Clinic

The primary purpose of the Design Clinic at the School of Creativity is to develop collaborative research in design and creative practice through external partnerships and engagements. The external partnerships aim to collaborate with Industry, Academia, and Government on a global level for the creation, preservation and application of research and knowledge towards the betterment of society. Thus enabling us to take learning beyond the classroom and engaging students on real-world live projects that prepare them better for their careers. 

External Partnerships

External Partnerships involve activities on systematic fundamental enquiries to practice-based projects creating the possibility and emphasizing participatory design approaches leading to tangible outcomes. This would involve collaborations with

  • Industry
  • Government
  • Academic Institutions
  • Ngo’s

The project “कारीगरी” is a step towards Rural Reconstruction. By giving chance to rural women to hone their skills and earn a steady income, we want them to lead a better life. There is a massive gap at Indian grassroot level. India is known for its traditional arts and crafts. There is a need to augment traditional arts and entrepreneurial skill at the grass root level. This project with the support of Chairman Jaipur Rugs; Nand Kishore Chaudhary Ji, will be built into a sustainable livelihood model.


India has long been a muse to International fashion. No other country comes close to the sheer diversity and immense influences that designers can draw from every region of this country. Prof Manika Walia, Dean School of Creativity, in collaboration with the Philately Department, Ministry of Communication, Government of India, has come up with the series of stamps on the evolution of Indian Fashion throughout the ages. It is a set of Commemorative Postage Stamps on Indian Fashion issued by the Department of Post and Telegraph, Ministry of Communication, Govt. of India.

Indian Fashion now has carved a niche for itself at the global stage. Ace Indian Fashion designers have made a mark for themselves on account of their sartorial prowess and creative abilities. Some of the best Ace Indian Fashion designers have contributed their designs for the present series of Commemorative Postage Stamps on Indian Fashion.

Following are the designers and their masterpieces.

Ritu Beri – Vastra

Ritu Kumar – Varanasi Weaves

Rohit Bal – Classic Jalabiya

Anita Dongre – Ambika Jacket

Manish Malhotra – Timeless

Wendell Rockricks – Indica Emporia

Rahul Mishra – Mystical Indian

Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla – Flared Sherwani

Ashish Soni – Embellishment


Seeing Ability Beyond Impairment

Design Clinic, Rishihood University is an advisory organisation to Prajaahita Foundation and would extend its creative mentorship to curb disability. Our objective is to develop and execute new projects that will incorporate education, livelihood, and health of specially-abled people.

Prajaahita Foundation is a non-governmental organization (incorporated under section 8 of Companies Act, 2013) that aspires to create a society of enlightened and compassionate citizens. The major objective of Prajaahita Foundation is to build an integrated platform:

  • To educate an individual on their rights and privileges
  • To identify and support individuals who are denied of their rights and privilege
  • To help in the rehabilitation of Person with disability
  • To inspire and make the youth aware of their significant role in social welfare
  • To develop a sense of compassion among fellow beings of a community
External Partnerships via Civic Engagement

It is a process of establishing partnerships to serve society through training, building of a renewable set of skills and industry-sponsored scholarships. 

  • Charity event for especially-abled
  • Craft workshops 
  • Art residencies
  • Empanelment to the cell through a screening process. 
  • Open to faculty, and existing students of RU.
  • Selection is based on academic performance/departmental recommendations.
  • Non-performers/defaulters will not be considered for future projects.

Design Clinic integrates education, research, and service so that each aspect enriches and extends the other. This integration promotes academic excellence, nurtures innovation. Our partners benefit from the imaginative and creative solutions provided by our creative faculty and students.

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