Dr. K. Gopinath

Professor, Newton School of Technology

Educational Background
Dr. Gopinath embarked on his academic journey at Stanford University, USA, where he earned his Ph.D. in 1988. Previously his education has been at IIT-Madras (B.Tech’77) and University of Wisconsin, Madison (MS’80). He has also worked at AMD (Sunnyvale) (’80-’82), and as a PostDoc (’88-’89) at Stanford.

Professional Milestones
Before joining Rishihood University, Dr. Gopinath enriched the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, with his expertise, serving as a Professor and pioneering numerous research initiatives. His tenure as the UG Program Chair in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence at Plaksha University further exemplified his commitment to crafting the future of education and technology.

Contributions and Impact
Dr. Gopinath is renowned globally for his contributions to the academic and practical realms of technology and society. His work not only advances the field of computational thinking but also addresses critical societal challenges through innovative technological solutions. At Rishihood University, Dr. Gopinath will continue to inspire and lead by example, encouraging students and faculty alike to explore the transformative potential of technology. His research interests are primarily in the computer systems area (Operating Systems, Storage Systems, Systems Security and Systems Verification).

“I am thrilled to join Rishihood University and the Newton School of Technology at this pivotal time. The opportunity to contribute to an institution that prioritizes social and public impact excites me. I look forward to collaborating with the vibrant community here to explore how technology can continue to serve as a force for good in society.”

Dr Gopinath’s presence at Rishihood University underscores our commitment to excellence in education and our dedication to making a meaningful impact on society.