Aditya Trivedi

Program Director, B.Tech and Rishihood Foundation

Mr. Aditya Trivedi is the Program Director for the B.Tech program and Rishihood Foundation. With a prolific career spanning 22 years at the nexus of design, business, and technology, Aditya brings a wealth of experience to our community. His academic journey at IIM-B further enriches his credentials, positioning him as a dynamic leader in the technology industry.

In his recent endeavors, Aditya has been at the forefront of driving Bharat-driven innovations in industry and agritech, showcasing his commitment to creating impact. His advisory roles with startups, incubators, enterprises, and investors across various domains underscore his leadership in encouraging growth and innovation.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Aditya is deeply engaged in rediscovering and promoting India’s dharmic and cultural heritage. His interests in design, photography, temple architecture, and literature reflect a multifaceted personality. Notably, his efforts to connect rural youth in Madhya Pradesh with opportunities align perfectly with our mission at Rishihood University.

Mr. Aditya leads the efforts in designing and executing Rishihood Foundation courses, shaping the educational journey of our undergraduate learners. He is also instrumental in coordinating the B.Tech program at Rishihood in collaboration with our partners, ensuring an innovative and impactful educational experience deeply rooted in our values.

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