Vasudev Murthy

(CP. APMP), Ex-Chair, APMP India
Executive Director, School of Entrepreneurship

Vasudev Murthy, a seasoned professional with over thirty years of experience in technology, management, and training, is a prominent figure in the field of consulting and leadership. Born and raised with a vision for excellence, Vasudev’s journey has been shaped by a multifarious array of experiences, laying the foundation for his impactful career.

Education and Career Highlights:
Vasudev’s educational journey includes advanced degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology, Florida State University, and Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. His career has been a diligent exploration across renowned organizations such as NEC America, Deloitte and Touche, AT&T, and Wipro Consulting Services. At Wipro, he served as the Head of Operations and later held P&L authority as the Senior Practice Partner for Functional Consulting.

A certified practitioner of Revenue Storm principles and a trained facilitator of Miller Heiman and Richardson Sales Systems, Vasudev has been a key contributor at Microsoft Ventures, Indus Entrepreneurs, and the Project Management Institute, sharing insights on sales, strategy, and the implications of the Metaverse on project management.

Community Involvement and Future Plans:
Beyond his professional commitments, Vasudev is deeply involved in community initiatives. As a Master Facilitator, Leadership Trainer, and Coach, he has worked with renowned clients globally, leaving a positive impact on their leadership development. His involvement extends to motivational speaking engagements, certifications in sales principles, and facilitating workshops for organizations such as Culture Partners and ShipleyWins.

Author and Thought Leader:
Vasudev is not only an accomplished professional but also a prolific author. His books span diverse genres, including music, crime, humor, and management. “How Organizations Really Work” (Bloomsbury) and “Effective Proposal Writing” (Sage) stand out as significant contributions, with the former considered a must-read for middle-managers. As a certified Practitioner and former Chair of the APMP India chapter, Vasudev continues to shape the landscape of proposal writing and management.

Legacy of Thought Leadership:
Vasudev’s influence extends beyond the written word, with numerous published articles reflecting his insightful perspectives. From the seductive charm of proposal writing to the evolving landscape of social media and the CIO, Vasudev’s thought leadership is evident in various domains.

In summary, Vasudev Murthy is not just a professional but a visionary leader whose journey and contributions have left an indelible mark. His commitment to excellence, community engagement, and thought leadership make him a true luminary in the realms of consulting and management.

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