Ashok Goel Library at Rishihood University Hosts International Conference Addressing IP Rights in the AI Era: Modern Challenges for Innovative Library Services

Explore the dynamic intersection of intellectual property (IP) rights and artificial intelligence (AI) at the International Conference hosted by Ashok Goel Library, Rishihood University. Delve into modern challenges faced by innovative library services in the era of AI, with experts and thought leaders navigating the intricate landscape. Gain insights into the evolving nature of IP rights, offering a comprehensive view of the implications for libraries in this digital age.

Discover how this conference addresses critical issues, fostering discussions on the impact of AI on intellectual property, and the strategies libraries adopt for innovative services. Stay updated with the latest developments shaping the future of libraries and their role in safeguarding intellectual assets. Join us on [Event Date] for an enriching experience at the forefront of AI, IP rights, and library innovation.

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