With the growing emphasis on healthcare around the globe, the gap in demand and availability of human resources in the healthcare sector is ever increasing. Moreover, the increased awareness towards health and the momentum towards preventive healthcare among people has accelerated the demand for better quality healthcare. The Healthcare specialisation at Rishihood University helps students develop an experience-based approach to analyzing and solving complex problems related to the administration of healthcare and medical services.

The curriculum focuses on transforming students to excel by acquiring true knowledge, the right attitude, marketable skills, and the ability to work hard. Students develop both qualitative and quantitative skills through application-based learning and use of current technologies. We help you build the skills that are necessary for success in a fast-changing global economy.

Programmes Highlights

The programme has an interdisciplinary structure that allows you the fluidity to explore subjects beyond your chosen discipline. Some key highlights of the programme are:

  • Well-defined academic curriculum crafted to current clinical needs
  • Develop your critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Qualified and eminent faculty members from both clinical and academic research backgrounds
  • Transfer of knowledge through project and research-based activities
  • Interdisciplinary learning
  • State-of-the-art laboratories and exceptional computing facilities
  • Clinical interaction and hospital-based internships

Learning Outcomes & Career Scope

The degree provides advanced skills in health administration, leadership, conflict management, quality assurance and health informatics. Our graduates exhibit analytical thinking, comprehension, reasoning and problem-solving skills. Our goal is that our graduates are prepared to enter the rapidly changing global healthcare environment. Whether it is at the forefront of diagnostics, delivering care in a clinic, hospital or a nursing home, leading the change in healthcare or hospital management, we will help you unleash your potential and prepare you to be a next-generation healthcare leader.

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