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Deconstructing Wuhan – The Formally Informal Summit?

What does this formally informal summit means for Indo-China diplomatic relations?
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Deconstructing Wuhan- the Formally Informal Summit?

By Paras Ratna, Research Associate – Strategic & Foreign Relations Practice at Rashtram This article was published in the TheDailogue The source of the image is Vision India Foundation The recent Xi Jinping- Narendra Modi bonhomie in Wuhan, billed as the ‘first informal summit’ between the leaders of both the...
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Envisioning India’s Future

Our global vision must ensure plurality and collective prosperity. India must dream for humanity.
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Modi-Merkel Mutually Beneficial Partnership set to Continue

With German Chancellor Merkel and PM Modi serving another political term, there prevails immense potential to embark on a mutually beneficial path to peace, prosperity and sustainability.
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For Kashmiriyat To Have Any Meaning, The Yatra Must Go On

By Shyam Krishna Kumar, Vision India Foundation Fellow This article was published in the  The Huffington Post The source of the image is Vision India Foundation IT CANNOT FALL PREY TO EXTREMIST DESIGNS. Bhagya Mani, a poor Maharashtrian woman, was admitted to the hospital with multiple fractures. “We were on...
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