Celebrating the spirit of Universal Brotherhood

India is the land of festivities, and celebrating these festivals reflects the country’s rich cultural abundance. These festivals bring with them a wave of excitement and happiness. Breaking the humdrum of daily routine, these festivals bring with them a wave of excitement, happiness, and hope even in the most difficult times. In their true sense, they have a deeper meaning and form the fabric of our society.

Take Raksha Bandhan for example. Not only does it celebrate the love between brothers and

sisters, but it also has a greater significance. It underlines the notion that everybody should live in harmony and hence speaks about the rich culture and traditions of India that make our nation extraordinary.

To help our students learn about the message of universal brotherhood the festival conveys and the culture of India, various activities were organized at the School of Education. The main aim of this celebration was to enlighten student’s minds with a thought, “Universal Brotherhood and How Raksha Bandhan promotes it.”

Universal Brotherhood refers to the oneness of society. It aims to reduce wars and encourage living in peace & harmony as equals. It rejects all racial, social, religious, economic, or other forms of classification or hierarchy. It signifies the element of a friendly and harmonious social life where the members of the society look after one another as brothers and sisters, as equals.

The activities helped students to appreciate the virtues of love and harmony the festival highlights and view the celebrations from different perspectives – economic, philosophical, social, and entrepreneurial.  

This was made possible with activities of creativity and self-expression, exploring creative skills using ICT, and presenting ideas using poems and recitation. Different activities organized like making e-greeting cards using apps and digital skills, poetry writing, and recitation competitions that helped them convey an idea or emotion. 

The main highlight of the event was the Rakhi-making competition and it made students aware of their creativity and they were able to convert their ideas into beautiful pieces of artwork communicating a message.

All the students had created amazing pieces. However, the winner of the competition was Emanshi, a student from BAHE, and her pieces were commendable. It was a wonderful celebration that helped develop the spirit of humanity and brotherhood in society and that’s what every occasion aims to signify. 

~ Prof. (Dr.) Reva Raina
Dean, School of Education

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