Cooking: An Art & Life Skill

It is often said that a true foodie is someone who enjoys eating, cooking, and serving food. To know only to eat without knowing to cook, or to savor delicacies without knowing what creates a particular taste, is to know food incompletely. The understanding of food, tastes, and the significance is, thus, best realised by the ones who have a love for cooking. Cooks see the kitchen as a chemistry lab where a variety of tastes are created through labour and love. One needs to appreciate what goes on in the kitchen and to understand the ones who spend a significant amount ‘creating’ the food. 
In India, a mother’s food, or ‘ghar ka khana’ is something that we begin to be thankful for only when we start to live outside the home. If one observes the ingredients, they are added as ‘swaad anusar’. The food here is not prepared instructively, out of a recipe, but intuitively out of one’s heart- with a desire to serve the best flavours to the families and the guests who come by.
In today’s world, when women and men rightly share equal space in the public and as gendered roles begin to dissolve, it becomes important that the knowledge and the values that the kitchen as ‘an art studio of cooking’ offers, are not lost. The first step towards preserving the art of cooking is for boys and young men who have been raised with a repulsion towards kitchen labour, to take responsibility for learning and appreciating the kitchen as the core of every home. 
Cooking is not solely a duty that the females should abide by, it is a skill that has a science to it. It is a form of art, an experience, and a survival tool as well. This life skill can save you money, not by avoiding outside food, but also enable better physical and mental health. That is why cooking becomes a necessity biologically, physiologically, and socially.
Even though cooking has persistently been associated with women, we must notice that many of the famous chefs are men. Culinary tourism has attracted major attention and continues to see growth. This can be a significant driver in the economy of any place. Not only that, more informed and involved cooking experts can further contribute to navigating attention towards local ingredients. 
It is vital to see cooking not merely as a mediocre task, but something that is a valuable skill for the self and the society at large. It enhances our personal experience and allows us to add value to the lives of others while letting us be a sustainable hand in the economy. 

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