Business Administration

The Business Administration specialization is designed to meet the business learning expectations of every student interested in the business world or entrepreneurship. Rishihood University follows a curriculum of international standards with industry-specific knowledge and a practical approach.

The course will transform your point of view with the interdisciplinary methodology. Students understand the integration ideas on gaining knowledge in multiple fields of study. You’ll gain foundational knowledge, obtain new skills and open your mind to new possibilities.

Deep dive into the art & science of starting a new business and learn about the complex relationship between the different aspects of setting up and managing businesses.

The curriculum focuses on transforming students to excel by acquiring true knowledge, the right attitude, marketable skills, and the ability to work hard. Students develop both qualitative and quantitative skills through application-based learning and use of current technologies. We help you build the skills that are necessary for success in a fast-changing global economy.

BBA students acquire a good understanding of developing strategies that can address the legal, social and economic environments in which businesses have to operate. Apart from gaining subject knowledge, you will become good at public speaking, communicating, writing, negotiating, and leading.

  • Students gain a broad perspective through knowledgeable texts
  • Become an effective communicator and collaborator
  • Advance your information literacy and intercultural knowledge
  • Develop critical thinking, research and analytical skills

Career & Scope

BBA graduates can opt for a professional career or pursue post-graduate studies in different fields like management, marketing, human resources, finance and more. The programme opens your doors to career opportunities in the private and public sectors and gives you the flexibility to choose your niche.

Effective communication and business skills that you learn throughout the course serve you well in your career prospects. Some of the top positions that you can explore are Finance Manager, Business Administration Researcher, HR Manager, Research & Development Manager, Business Consultant, Information Systems Manager, Marketing Manager and more.

It also prepares you to go into the family business with confidence or establish your startup.

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