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Isn’t it better to take your time to choose the right career for you?

Sahil Aggarwal, CEO and Co-founder of Rishihood University, speaks to Rashmi Patel about their Gap Year Programme.

Ever so often, if you check out the career advise column in most newspapers, there is at least one college-goer who regrets the rushed decision they made as they’ve now discovered where their true academic interests lie. As soon as the XII standard exams are over and the results are out, most kids hardly get enough time to properly think about their own interests and are most often pushed to pursue a degree that they might not necessarily like. And by the time realisation dawns on them, it most likely is already too late. To ensure that class XII students make the right career choice.

This programme aims to expand a student’s career horizon by facilitating them with an ecosystem-centric approach to learning rather than isolated training and research.

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