5 Ways to ace entrance exams and get a higher score

As you take your first step towards choosing the right destination for your education, it is important to understand what do universities across the globe look for in a student. Careful planning and research can make the process exciting and help you present a promising application. Have you figured that out? If not, the following pointers may help you streamline your thought process.


Why do universities look at academic, national
and international entrance test scores?

  • Academic scoresA good score determines the strength, readiness and expertise that a student possesses towards their chosen field of study. It also indicates a student’s ability to retain the knowledge they’ve acquired previously. Eventually this might help in securing a merit scholarship.
  • Entrance test scoresSAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT/CAT are dierent kinds of tests that students may be required to give to get selected and also to acquire a scholarship for admission. Every University and program varies in terms of which entrance test you need to take but these scores along with academics determine a student’s ability to perform under pressure and how they think critically. Getting a good score for the test would reflect one’s ability to compete with a large number of people.


Plan your calendar well in advance. Preparation for entrance tests requires planning. Slowly increase the time dedicated for preparation per day and complete preparation at least 3 weeks before the test date. Utilize the last 3 weeks to only brush up on concepts. Take one mock test per day and relax.


Always time yourself while working on practice tests. Time management is extremely crucial on such tests and can make or break the chances of achieving a high score.


Mock tests can help analyse which section you are weak or strong in. This way, you can improve on the section where you’re weak. Once you’ve improved, remember to always attempt first the part you’ve grasped easily and then move on to the others so that it helps bring your score to an equivalent level.


Read books from different genres – literature, philosophy, science, history, sociology, business, management, etc. Test-makers like to challenge your understanding of unfamiliar topics in sections like Reading Comprehension. Reading articles, books, journals, editorials, etc. from different genres can help you tackle such important sections well.


Most entrance tests are in multiple-choice format. Learn to use the options as hints towards the right answer. Approach tricky questions using elimination techniques to ensure getting the question right or at best taking an educated guess. The probability of getting a question right through a well-thought-out guess is much higher than taking a random guess.

These tests determine student ability, sharpness, knowledge, time-management and many other qualities. A good score will help you increase the chances of selection in your desired University. Just remember to keep a calm mind!

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