As you take your first step towards choosing the right destination for your education, it is important to understand what do universities across the globe look for in a student. Careful planning and research can make the process exciting and help you present a promising application. Have you figured that out? If not, the following pointers may help you streamline your thought process.


Key point to remember while applying Universities

Admission Tests


One of the important aspects of any strong application are good test results. Putting in an extra effort to score well in entrance tests like SAT, CAT, GRE, GMAT etc. can go a long way in strengthening your application. These tests demonstrate your ability as a learner and identify strengths or weaknesses based on your responses. A high aptitude test score often assists students in seeking a scholarship or financial aid from the university.

University & Course Research

Before you step into the process of applying to a particular university, consider what you know about it and the course you’re opting for. Thereafter, read various books or research articles related to the field you’ve picked and you’ll gain a good understanding of the path you intend to build a career in. You should also study the university website and read up on the culture or vision to gather information about the university’s goals.

Statement of Purpose

The SOP can serve as a decision-maker for your application as it gives the admissions committee an understanding of your view on life, your career goals, your overall personality and your vision. It is a research statement that talks about your career path, interests, professional/academic contributions, your driving force to pursue the course of your choice and reflects your story. You must devote a good amount of time drafting a strong SOP to increase your chances of getting selected.


Academic success depends on being able to communicate effectively. During your course, you’ll be required to interact with your peers and professors which makes the ability to communicate effectively an essential skill for your application process.Good communication skills will also help you articulate your opinions and knowledge well in group discussions and personal interview rounds.


Another aspect that you might need to keep in mind is the Letter of Recommendation (LOR). LORs are mostly an optional requirement. However, it is important to ensure that you choose the right person (teacher/mentor/friend/colleague etc) to give you a letter of recommendation as it may have a strong impact on your application evaluation.

Keep all these points in mind and put in that extra effort to draft an effective application that stands out.

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