How to Use New-Age Presentation Tools

Creating a slideshow is no longer cutting-edge classroom technology. With real-time collaboration and the ability to embed presentations in websites, today, we can do much more than creating a PowerPoint. 

Online presentation tools can help students gain transferable skills for the world of work and entrepreneurship. Teachers can use them to engage pupils and bring creativity to their classrooms.

Make a Powerful Impression

Canva has thousands of free templates that let you create high-quality documents and projects on any topic imaginable. You can use it for presentations, posters, mind maps, essay plans, and group assignments. 

Be Dynamic & Entertaining

Check out the free trial of Prezi If you are looking for a way to make Zoom classrooms more engaging. No matter what the subject, it can help you with eye-catching graphics, professional presentations, and interactive lesson plans with Q & A sessions. 

Make a Mark with Infographics

Easelly is an excellent resource for making sense of figures and statistics. You can illustrate facts through infographics and draw connections between them. Moreover, you get to apply your artistic skills and customise the given formats according to your needs.

Produce Stellar Video Projects

Animoto enables drag-and-drop video editing. You can add photos, clips, text, and music to piece together a short, shared file. This free software brings audio-visual tools to your fingertips, whether you are working on a capstone project, a PSA for a student club, a campaign, or a proposal for your venture.

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