The focus of admission selection rounds is not just to measure your academic prowess but also to learn about your interests, non-academic achievements and other qualities that you bring to the table. Skills developed through participation in extracurricular activities and sports, knowledge of different disciplines of study,
Knowledge of foreign languages, details of internships completed during school/college etc. are a few key components of a non-academic profile. The best way to showcase the strength of your profile is by writing a strong Statement of Purpose.

6 Ways to write a strong sop

Pre-application reading

Pre-application reading is an important aspect of preparing for admission selection rounds. Reading non-fiction books, articles, journals and business newspapers helps you gain fresh perspectives which reflect on your understanding of diverse fields. You can take inputs from your reading while drafting your SOP to bolster the reasons that drive you to choose a particular University.


A good SOP reflects your skills to articulate your ideas and thoughts in an organized manner. Ensure that you structure your SOP well. It should follow a logical chain of events. It helps if you could note your points in a chronological pattern and then write in detail about them. Also, ensure that there are no structural or grammatical errors.


The admissions committee is interested in knowing your story. They want to know
and understand the real you. Write about your strengths and weaknesses and what you have done to overcome those weaknesses. Write this in an emotional sense, as a story instead of putting together statements. Talk to your peers and family members to help you figure out your qualities. Use language that is clear and simple.

Be specific

Ideas are best retained in the minds of the reader if they are brief. Avoid long
and winding sentences as they tire the reader and will discourage him/her from reading your SOP. Write creatively to capture the attention of the reader. Remember that the members of the admissions committee go through thousands of applications and SOPs to shortlist a selected few from them. Use questions, proverbs, and anecdotes to capture the attention of the reader.


Research is an extremely important aspect of University selection. Read thoroughly about the program structure, faculty strength, international exposure, campus or any other aspect of the University that has helped you make your decision. Explain your reasons in the SOP in detail. Showcase to the admissions committee that your decision to choose the University is based on thorough research and that you have critically analyzed the pros and cons of joining the University.

Proofread and review

Share your SOP with some of your friends or family members who can describe you accurately and review the points that you have mentioned in your document. They may not give expert alterations but can share certain aspects or qualities which can be incorporated

A compelling Statement of Purpose can get you into the best of universities. Think well. Write well.

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