Let us talk about emotions

“My cousins laughed at me when I first wore spectacles and for the next 3 months, I could not wear them which led to the power getting increased.  My parents got tense but I still don’t feel comfortable.”

In the IIMUN session, students were asked about the most embarrassing moments that they had experienced and the above lines were shared by a ninth class girl. This is one of the twelve stories that came up and it shows that shame or embarrassment gives us pain. What further goes wrong is repressing these emotions instead of expressing and my session with these smart and sensitive minds addressed the same. 

Emotions are crucial and we can live a better life when we accept that they are to be regulated and not repressed. Repressed emotions can take an unhealthy shape like physical ailment or mental health issues. 

As participants shared their stories, one of them pointed out a beautiful aspect of not being alone, a relief that others were as human as himself. This is close to what the session wanted to cultivate in the participants through shared stories. 

The embarrassment becomes a lump in memories and the first step is expressing how one feels to the right people. So, next time when you feel strong emotions or go through pain, do not repress. Recognize it, regulate and express it in a healthy way. Sharing stories helps others also as they don’t feel alone. There is something similar to our lives along with our differences, which is beautiful.

Dr. Priyanka Tiwari
Assistant Professor, Psychology
School of Education

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