Aacharyamitra Paroksh Sujay

Life and Spiritual Coach

Shri Paroksh Sharma Sujay, affectionately known as Acharyamitra. His transformative journey embarked in 1996, ignited by an unwavering passion for Indian Wisdom & Yoga. From his humble beginnings at Siddh Samadhi to the profound teachings of Kaivalyadhama, he delved deep into the essence of ancient yogic practices, even crafting the insightful “Yoga Saar Sudha Sangrah.”

Elevating his influence as a respected Yoga Practitioner, Paroksh ji’s impact extended globally, including imparting wisdom within The Oberoi group. However, his heart found its true calling in community service, notably guiding and inspiring youth at Lakshya.

Amidst his busy schedule, Paroksh ji managed to conduct enlightening workshops and sessions. He facilitated transformative experiences through events like “Sambhav, Reaching Heights,” a seven-day retreat in collaboration with Chinmaya Nada Bindu Gurukul, and the “Shakti” retreat in Rishikesh. His commitment extended to various educational institutes, including Thapar University, where he served as a visiting counselor, and his association with Youth United and other student bodies.

In 2023, Paroksh joined Rishihood University, a new chapter in his journey, where he continues to be a beacon of love and guidance, fostering positive contributions to the world.

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