Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rashtram School of Public Leadership?

The evolution of the next generation of public leaders in India must not be dependent on ‘chance’. Rashtram School of Public Leadership was launched with a vision to nurture ‘civilisationally-assured’ and ‘self-aware’ public leaders, who will lead us to the future.

Why Post Graduate Diploma in Public Leadership (PGDPL)?

The program offers knowledge, skills and network one need to transform themselves and the world. It invites those who are impelled to step forward and take up the responsibility for driving change. An engaging curriculum with the learner at the core of the design, supported by accomplished mentors, meaningful projects, peer learning and rituals for self leadership and more, PGDL is essentially an investment in people with the intellectual curiosity and moral courage to propel action. This program is a launchpad for changemakers seeking to have a deep and lasting positive impact on society.

PGDPL seems to be an offbeat program in leadership. How does Rishihood University differentiate itself from others in this space?

Rishihood focuses on leadership, which is a convergence of public policy and governance with self-mastery rooted in Indic Knowledge Systems and Traditions. This amalgamation gives rise to the metaskills based learning design and curriculum, which is unique. Beyond this, our vision is to invest in our learners, who will become the leaders of the future. Three aspects function as the building blocks of the PGDL: faculty, curriculum and rituals. Our mentors are highly accomplished and care deeply about shaping the next generation leaders. The curriculum consists of intellectually stimulating and morally uplifting courses that are delivered by masters. The rituals help our learners live the learning and become immersed in the object of study.


How do you select your learners?

A rigorous process to discover the best applications, begins with the screening of submitted application forms. This is followed by an online test and finally an online interview.

There is a section named References in the application form. What should I add in this References Section?

References are any individuals of public standing and authority, who can vouch for you. For instance, if you are just about to finish your college, you can request your professors to act as your references. You can provide the contact details of any prominent individual similar to your college professors, school teachers or principals, who knows you and who can vouch for you.

Will I only meet my peer group when I get to campus or will I get connected once my admission is secured?

You will be introduced to your cohort and assigned a mentor as soon as you complete your enrollment. This will help you acquaint yourself with your peers, as well as begin interacting with your mentor who will guide you during the program.

What if I am unable to attend the program after I get selected?

Option 1 – Defer application to the subsequent edition of the Rashtram Accelerator Program. If there is a difference in fees between the two cycles, the learner can settle that in the year of admission.

Option 2 – Opt for refund:
The learner can opt to withdraw their application. Refund of fees paid will be according to UGC guidelines.

Option 1 and 2 are applicable only when the fees have been settled in full. In the case that the fees have not been paid, the admission process will begin from stage 1 in the year of application.

Faculty & Curriculum

What do the Learners of the Accelerator Program study?

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who
cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”
– Alvin Toffler

Learning is an emergent and life-long process. Leaders must quickly engage and respond to the challenges of an unpredictable world. The programme begins with our learners gaining an introduction to Rtachit, Samskara Abhyasa, Anvikshiki, along with the Structure of Indic Knowledge Systems. This is followed by their first immersive project for six weeks.

Subsequently, learners delve into essential knowledge areas such as Economic Reasoning, Political Systems, Indian Constitution, Research Methodology, Temple Ecosystem, Strategic & International Affairs among others. They test the concepts they learn in their second project for six weeks. Finally, they return for a final series of courses on Leadership, Ethics and Epics.

What exactly are Indic Knowledge Systems? And what do you mean by Meta-Skills?

Indic Knowledge Systems are the most exhaustive collection of knowledge traditions that werenaccumulated in the expanded Indian geography. They provide comprehensive means to realise the human potential. We derive the metaskills included in the curriculum of the Rashtram Accelerator Program from Indic Knowledge Systems.

The world has become more and more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). To aspiring public leaders learn-unlearn-relearn concepts and skills at will, we have designed a meta skills based curriculum built on an Indic Knowledge Systems framework.

What does a day look like for a learner at Rishihood?

While there are only a few hours of formal instruction each day, we would recommend our learners to get comfortable with daily rituals: waking up early, completing their morning wyayama, getting ready and attending the morning session. After the morning sessions, learners can participate in a samvaad that may organically occur, or choose to take up swadhyaya. There would be an afternoon session, followed by outdoor activities and evening extra-curricular engagements. On special occasions we may invite quest speakers to address the learners. After every five days of lectures, one day will be assigned for interactions with the mentor and one day will be a rest and reflection day.

Opportunities After PGDPL

What does Rashtram imagine its learners to be or aspire to be after Graduating?

This is a program for leaders. This is not for those who expect a placement at the end of the program. However, there is a wide array of career options available after you complete the program. You can get into:
Academia – universities, research institutions, think tanks.
Corporate – CSR, media, public policy.
Social – non-profits, community, social movements.
Entrepreneurship – social enterprises.
Governance – bureaucracy, diplomacy, public policy and leadership consulting.
Politics – electoral politics, campaign management, political consulting.

Campus Related Questions

What is the accommodation on campus?

It is important that all learners stay on campus to make the most use of the presence of faculty, mentors and learners. Learners are provided with a twin-sharing accommodation, with air- conditioning and wi-fi. All rooms have beds, mattresses, pillows, wardrobes, and study tables.

Reach out to us if you have any queries or requests and we will consider them on an individual
Basis. A learners lounge and common area are present on each floor. Clean drinking water from an RO unit will be available 24/7.

Where is your campus located? What are the facilities available on campus for Learners?

We are located at the Rishihood University campus in Sonipat, around 40km away from New Delhi on the NH44 highway. It is well connected to New Delhi through rail and road.

The Rishihood University campus is spread over an area of 25 acres. Learners are provided air- conditioned, shared dormitory accommodation for the duration of the course. Breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner is provided on campus every day. We provide good quality, vegetarian food, which is covered under the fee for the programme. Learners can also request for Jain food at the time of admission. Applicants taking part in the selection process are invited to visit our campus. Book your appointment for the campus tour here: Campus – Rashtram School of Public Leadership.

Can I arrange for accommodation outside the campus?

The daily schedule is designed to nurture and serve all aspects of your personality, including physical, mental, emotional and intellectual. Only if you stay on campus, it would be comfortable for you to participate in all the required activities.

Are there any on-campus jobs available?

There are provisions for learners to work on campus, for Rashtram. These are limited and will depend upon the learner skill sets. The learners will be informed about such opportunities once the academic year starts. You can reach out to us after enrollment if you intend to apply for campus jobs.

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