Round Table Discussion on Lactation Management, Breastfeeding, and Milk Banking

The roundtable discussion brought together an esteemed group of academicians, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, and policymakers for a critical roundtable discussion. This gathering aimed to leverage collective expertise in shaping a forward-looking curriculum course in Lactation Management, Breastfeeding, and Maternal Health, tailored to India’s unique context.

Purpose of the Round Table:

The primary purpose of that roundtable discussion was to collectively explore and assess the feasibility and potential benefits of introducing a comprehensive course in Lactation at Rishihood University in collaboration with Sushena Health Foundation.

1. Round Table 1 Discussion on Date 21st November 2023 (Online) – Click here to download the summary

2. Round Table 2 Discussion on Date 12th December 2023 (Online) – Click here to download the summary

3. Round Table 3 Discussion on Date 6th January 2023 (Online) – Click here to download the summary

Meeting Adjournment:

The meeting was adjourned with the understanding that future discussions and collaboration would be essential to develop a comprehensive lactation management training program.

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