Teen Invents Wearable Tech Device for Safe Social Distancing

At a time when most teenagers are finding ways to adjust to the new normal and consuming binge-worthy online content, 15-year-old Neha Shukla is taking over Nasdaq screens, New York Times, and various internet platforms for her innovation called, ‘SixFeetApart’. She has developed a motion-sensing wearable technology device, containing ultrasonic sensors and buzzers. It can alert users whenever someone comes within a six-feet range and allow safe social-distancing norms.Her engineering skills, combined with her need to find a solution, led to the ‘SixFeetApart’ cap. 
Neha is attending Cumberland Valley High School in Pennsylvania and is a STEM enthusiast. She attended the ‘Girls With Impact’ entrepreneurship academy, a program where she explored innovation, target market analysis, budgeting, and strategic partnerships. She currently serves as an ambassador of Girls With Impact and a member of the NextGen Advisory Board. She has also founded a STEM and innovation section in the Journal of International Thought while working with the World Affairs Council of Harrisburg. 
She is now exploring different casing and devices to make the device more accessible by fitting it inside other wearables. Neha wants the device to be put to work in schools, for frontline workers, and vulnerable sections like the elderly and the immune-compromised. Kudos to her and her drive to make a difference! 
This feature was published under the ‘Teenspiration’ section of The Plus magazine. 

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