Vision India Foundation is launched at IIT Delhi

Alumni and faculty members of various IITs come together to identify, train, and mentor youth for nation-building. The foundation is launched by Shri Suresh Prabhu at IIT Delhi


Programs, Projects, and Publications

Vision India Foundation starts training programs on public policy and governance, partners with government stakeholders, publishes literature on issues of public importance


A new university with a new vision

The idea of Rishihood University is floated with the vision of rebuilding Takshashila


Concept, Campus, Curriculum

Rishihood starts building its campus in Sonipat. Vision India Foundation continues to expand its programs in leadership, reaching more than 1000 alumni


Rashtram School of Public Leadership

Vision India Foundation takes an institutional form in the shape of Rashtram School of Public Leadership, established as the flagship school of Rishihood University


Inauguration and way

Hon’ble Vice President of India Shri M Venkaiah Naidu inaugurates Rishihood University. The campus opens for the faculty, staff, and learners

National Tinkering Awards 2021

The spirit to innovate, experiment, and tinker is a foundational attitude that we should help develop in our students. To do this, we have launched the ‘National Tinkering Awards’. In these awards, students will come up with solutions to everyday problems.

Study at Rishihood

Rishihood University opens your doors to an ocean of opportunities. Applications are open for 2021 admissions. It is advisable to apply early for a higher chance of selection and scholarships. You will receive the result within 10 days of your application and interview.



Bridge Course

The Bridge Course helps the students for a better transition to a college environment. Because of COVID, the entire Class 12th education was online and the students, unfortunately, couldn’t get a full experience of schooling. The Bridge Course helps the students to get back on track and prepare for a great start at college.

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