The Ethos of the Indian Armed Forces

Donning their uniform of service, and sacrifice,

Eyes always brimming with a sense of selfless pride;

Always on the front, standing tall together in a bind,

One for all and all for one, in soul, body, and mind;

They rise above to touch the sky with glory, 

Setting an example of living life, &  not just of might & victory.

If you have ever had a chance to speak to someone in the defence forces or observe them closely, you will know that there is a stark difference in the way they carry themselves, their attitude towards life, their approach to situations, and their demeanour itself. We are all aware of the courage that the men in uniform possess, the physical and mental endurance that their training gives them, the timeless camaraderie that goes beyond borders, the discipline that they deeply imbibe, and much more. Not everyone gets to experience the expansive and intense life that the officers in the Indian armed forces live but there are many traits that all of us can make a part of our lives irrespective of the field we are in. Here are some life skills that we can all learn from them.

Taking everyone along

The spirit of forging individuals into a team that sticks together collectively for a vision, no matter how grave the situation gets, is something that we can all inculcate. The army is the best example where multitudes of culture can thrive and yet have a common operational vocabulary. With that kind of attitude, the army creates not just leaders but also team players who hold the integrity of themselves as well as others.

 Agility of mind and body

It is not only the openness of accepting everyone for their potential and the strength of body and mind that the armed forces hold strong but also the flexibility and adaptability to get accustomed to new challenges in the forms of missions, changes in physical environments, adventure activities, etc but always rooted to their larger goal.

Improvisation, intention, and innovation

Be it the effect of being in extreme conditions so closely or their training, the Indian Armed Forces know how to make the most of any situation, look for the best in every opportunity, find a way out of challenges, and appreciate the smallest joys and the various aspects of life. Putting their vision before themselves, manage with what they have, and approach with a solution-oriented attitude for victory.

Limitless Potential

Indian Armed Forces are also responsible for preparing their soldiers to become all-rounders with a balance of sports, social gatherings, professionalism, intellect, empathy, everything packed in one. From survival skills to weapon training, simulations to traumatic experiences, adventure travels to battles, emotional sensibility to operational skills, the armed forces prepare you for life. 

A richer life

By giving their people a family beyond their families, and relations to carry for life, by transforming them into individuals who are equipped to handle pretty much everything that life offers while they are in service or even after that, by giving an unparalleled exposure and teaching management skills, academics, and dependability, and by inducing a need to always learn and grow, the armed forces indeed provide you with a wealth that fulfils you way beyond money. It is an experience that leaves one richer on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

(Contributed by Ayushee Chaudhary)

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