The Tides of Tomorrow: A Poem

A young poet uses observation, imagery, and rhyme to communicate her clarion call for a sustainable and livable world. Read on! 

Tomorrow, I see the world falling apart,

The last drop of water given to the last loyal heart,

Innocent souls handed no mercy at all,

We’ve killed our sweet planet; simply letting it fall.

Pollution intoxicating what’s left of the air,

The earth is perishing, us leaving nothing to spare,

Hunger in the eyes of compassionate children,

Yet, we ourselves cannot change nor be different.

Global warming devouring nations one by one,

Virtuous animals poached just for fun,

Fast fashion expanding worldwide,

Our oceans suffering with nowhere to hide.

Racism eroding those who still bare,

Nonetheless, no one really cares,

Screams for help heard from dawn to dusk,

In the thundering silence, no one you shall really trust.

No matter how far we have come,

We are only viewed as a demonym,

We say we grasp our good from bad,

Though we’re all against prejudice, just when it’s a fad.

Vengeance creating nothing but hell,

Earth cast under its own nightmare spell,

Pessimistic thought of hatred and betrayal,

The taste of ice-cold failure.

We must bury the hatchet,

For the generations yet to come,

All though It is unbearable,

United together we shall be done.

Still, we have a chance to change,

Before tomorrow rises deranged,

We have to stop tormenting our delicate world,

And allow the goodness to unfurl,

We must save our exquisite planet,

Before tomorrow becomes a habit.

Amaya Chadha is a 12-year-old, Grade 6 student, studying in Kings Al Barsha, Dubai. She participated in our “Poet of the Millennium” competition.

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