World Sanskrit Day 2023: Bridging the Past and Shaping the Future

Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, is not merely a set of words and phrases; it’s a gateway to the richness of our culture and heritage. On World Sanskrit Day 2023, the Centre for Human Sciences at Rishihood University had the distinct honor of celebrating the beauty and significance of this age-old language often called the “language of the gods.” The event featured a fascinating guest lecture by Prof. Oscar Pujol, the esteemed Director of Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi, who shared his incredible journey of learning Sanskrit and emphasized the importance of preserving our cultural heritage.

A Journey into Sanskrit with Prof. Oscar Pujol

Prof. Pujol’s journey into the world of Sanskrit is a testament to the persisting magnificence of this ancient language. He recounted his experiences and the profound impact that Sanskrit has had on his life. Prof. Pujol passionately highlighted the Sanskara, which is the very essence of our rich cultural heritage. He stressed the need for the younger generation to embrace Sanskrit, recognizing it as a treasure trove of timeless wisdom. He explained how by reading classical texts, we can reconnect with our roots and bring about a cultural renaissance in India.

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Eshaak’s Presentation on the Salient Aspects of Sanskrit

Eshaak, a bright scholar from the Rashtram School of Public Leadership, took the stage with a captivating presentation on the legacy of Sanskrit. His heartfelt portrayal of the language’s historical significance left a profound impression on the audience. Eshaak’s passion and knowledge demonstrated that Sanskrit is not just a language; it’s a key to understanding the heart and soul of our civilization.

Exhibition Exploring the Beauty and Depth of Sanskrit

As a part of the event, an engaging exhibition on Sanskrit was put on display to promote the language’s beauty and depth. The audience had the pleasure of exploring this captivating display, which further enhanced their appreciation for Sanskrit. The exhibition showcased the words and phrases that we use in our day-to-day lives, the profound philosophical texts, and the timeless literary masterpieces that make Sanskrit a treasure trove of knowledge.

The event was convened by Prof. Sampadananda Mishra, the Director of the Centre for Human Sciences at Rishihood University. Prof. Mishra’s leadership ensured the seamless execution of this memorable gathering. His dedication to the cause of promoting Sanskrit and taking it to the youth of India is commendable and inspiring beyond words.

Embrace Sanskrit, Embrace Heritage

World Sanskrit Day 2023 served as a reminder of the undeniable importance of Sanskrit as a bridge between our past and our future. It is a language that connects us to our roots and preserves the wisdom of our ancestors. Let us continue to nurture this language, explore its profound teachings, and contribute to the revival of our civilization’s glory. Sanskrit is not just a relic of the past; it’s a living legacy that has the power to guide us towards a brighter future. So, let’s embrace Sanskrit and, in doing so, embrace our heritage.

– Neelabh Kumar Sharma, Research Associate, Centre for Human Sciences, Rishihood University

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