May 2022


The Economics of Happiness

Historically, social scientists have considered the pursuit of happiness as the fundamental goal of communities and citizens worldwide. In today’s global development arena, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is not the only measure of wellbeing; the ‘joy quotient’ of populations is also taken into account. It began in 1972 with the...
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Future Skills for Future Work

There is an increasing understanding among students, educators, and industry that the employment landscape of tomorrow is going to change dramatically. In the coming years, the existing jobs will require new knowledge and skill sets, some new jobs will emerge, and some occupations are likely to go completely obsolete.  Depending...
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Community Learning During the Pandemic

The pandemic has been a stark reminder of the fragility of human life. During this time, we realised the importance of simple things such as going out, maintaining a healthy diet, and talking to our loved ones. It shifted life priorities for a lot of people. While the whole world...
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The Future of Online Education

When we thought everything was going right, an invisible virus has completely changed the way the world was operating — the education system, the working styles, the family dynamics, and personal routine. While a lot of sectors are impacted because of the pandemic, one of the most crucial changes is...
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Decoding the Olympic Formula for Success

A fight-or-flight situation is when our body reacts to a potentially fearful occurrence in the environment. Our sympathetic nervous system gets activated in high-performance circumstances, causing us to feel emotions like anxiousness or excitement. Olympic athletes work hard at their sport and the daily art of managing anxiety and taking responsibility. ‘The...
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