Community Learning During the Pandemic

The pandemic has been a stark reminder of the fragility of human life. During this time, we realised the importance of simple things such as going out, maintaining a healthy diet, and talking to our loved ones. It shifted life priorities for a lot of people. While the whole world has been trying to adapt, one group is adjusting the most: Our Children. They have been stuck inside. Schools shut. No contact with friends or other activities.

Building Online Spaces During the Pandemic

With parents primarily working from home and children’s creative energies looking for a way out, a system had to be developed to engage children in education meaningfully and safely. This is where technology stepped in. Classes shifted to online platforms like Zoom and Google Classrooms. Teachers started innovating their lesson plans to make them more interactive. New methods of assessment were devised. Learning platforms like edX and Coursera also saw all-time high enrollment rates. 

How We Rose to the Challenge

We made shifts to contribute to adolescents’ holistic growth during this time. We started online courses on 21st-century skills with an ‘indic’ perspective. Life lessons from Mahabharata, Chanakya, and Buddha were some highlights. But a program that paved the way for us was the Global Youth Leadership Program. What started as a three-month course on creating young leaders is now a five-month integrated program in its second edition. Ten students from all over India are enrolled in it to become conscious leaders of today and tomorrow. 

A glimpse into the introductory session

It was not easy to design a course that imbibed communication, public speaking, and entrepreneurial skills. But we persevered, experimented, and incorporated feedback. We reduced the class duration, increased the internship timeline, and added more group activities and individual projects. We included personalised mentoring and focused on modern-day career fields. 

The program has reached urban areas as well as remote and rural regions of the country, even including some meritorious students on a full scholarship. The participants love the experience, which motivates us to continue this journey and create even more diverse cohorts in the years to come.