21st Century Learner

The future of workforce and economy calls for 21st-century learners. Here are essential traits for a smart learner:

  • Smart learner will always find an opportunity to learn and grow. For her, learning never stops. Continuous learning puts one of the paths of evolution. Those who get stuck on their learning curve will get stuck in professional and personal development.
  • Smart learner will never become complacent with existing skills and knowledge. She understands that there is always more to learn. 21st-century learner feels comfortable in questioning her own beliefs and is ready to be better than before.
  • Smart learner will see the large picture. Rather than acquiring deeper information on a subject (which can be done easily by the internet), smart learners will know how to connect the dots and learn enough about different topics. To solve complex problems, smart learners will be able to harness this ability and integrate different subjects.
  • Smart learner will learn smart skills. Collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity are not just buzz words but core skills for the 21st-century workplace. Smart learners will be quick to adapt to the workplace requirements, effectively work in teams, be creative in their approach, and communicate their ideas effectively.
  • Smart learner will be generous in sharing. The world is becoming increasingly interconnected. The more knowledge and ideas we share, the stronger network we build and the faster we grow.
  • Finally, smart learner will learn to master their senses. In a world full of indulgences, smart learners will learn to look inwards. They will drive their energy and enthusiasm from within, rather than depending on external sources of pleasure. Such a learner will be at peace, have the courage to be innovative, and treat learning as an end in itself.

Sahil Aggarwal

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