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The Elusive Narrative: Aung Suu Kyi and the International Media

State Counsellor Aung Suu Kyi’s recent defense of Myanmar military at the International Court of Justice against the allegations of genocide has turned the spotlight on Myanmar- and for all bad reasons.
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The Emerging Strategic Equation in Asia

By Paras Ratna, Research Associate – Strategic & Foreign Relations Practice at Rashtram This article was published in the Centre for Advanced Studies of India, UPenn Website (Republished on The Hindu Business Line) The source of the image is Vision India Foundation Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Japan as part of...
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फ्रांस, भारत और इंडो-पैसिफिक: वैकल्पिक रणनीतिक ढांचे की प्रयास

इंडो-पसिफ़िक में फ्रांस एक ऐसी शक्ति है, जिसके भारत और प्रशांत महासागर के दोनों तरफ क्षेत्र मौजूद है
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France, India and the Indo-Pacific: Exploring Alternative Frameworks of Engagement

France’s Indo-Pacific strategy broadly includes protection of maritime shipping lanes from both traditional and non-traditional threats, strengthening multilateralism, and a commitment towards common goods.
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Time for a New Lunar Calendar to Replace Older Model

Since the Moon is an important celestial body, it is natural that the older civilizations have a significant influence of it on their calendars.
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