Go Beyond Traditional Binders With Digital Portfolios

Your portfolio is a narrative of your growth. Crafting it yourself can equip you with skills relevant for both personal and professional development. 
What is a student portfolio?
It is a compilation of a student’s work, performance, and achievements. In today’s connected world, it has become pertinent to have digital profiles in today’s connected world convenient to retrieve and share. 
How to create a student portfolio
Here are five online blogging tools that can allow students to transition from consumers of knowledge to creators of their learning journeys.

It provides a wide variety of free themes to create a website. The easy-to-understand dashboard lets students upload files of different formats and create an online space that reflects their unique voice. 

This tool is very similar to WordPress but curated explicitly for classrooms. It has a simpler interface and offers an intelligent guide on getting started with digital portfolios. 

This platform is teacher-moderated and does not require any personal information from students. Teachers can also password-protect posts so that only parents can have access. 

This is another free website builder that comes with customisable visual templates. With Weebly, you don’t need to be a coding master to add buttons, colour schemes, image galleries, and more. 

Use this online platform to archive and document your accomplishments for personal reflection or demonstrate your professional skills. 
Things You Can Include

  • GPA and certifications
  • Co-curricular activities 
  • Industry exposure (field visits, projects, internships)
  • Voluntary work 
  • Specific skills (writing, singing, athletics)
  • Endorsements from peers and teachers
  • Interests and goals 
  • Favourite books and reading material
  • Body of work (text, pictures, audio, video, etc.)

With this, digital portfolios can help you track your progress throughout the school year, stand out in college applications and internships, and provide ample opportunities for reflection later in life.
(Curated by Arushi Sharma for The Plus magazine.)
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