How Indic Living Keeps Us Rooted & Free in A Chaotic World

The Indic Knowledge System is a collection of some foundational aspects of human life that originated centuries ago but still inform our way of life today. 

India has always been a Knowledge Society, learning from the Vedic ‘shruti’, hymns and mantras, and the outward experience-perception. But Indic Living incorporates much more. This word is a blend of Indian and European languages, much like the modern lifestyle that the current generations have grown up with. We understand the complexity of living in the present day and we understand the dilemmas of embracing traditionalism and modernity. 

The problem becomes even more profound for a parent or teacher, who believes in the cause of education. What value system should we create for the next generation that not only achieves a balance but also acts as a robust ballpark for the future generations? 

We are not here alone, but for posterity and for everyone. Each one of us, irrespective of our age groups, has a role to play in contributing to the value system we create and propagate. We must recognize the importance of treading a fine line in attaining a cautious amalgamation of quintessentially Indian and alien cultures. The process needs to embrace the good and dialogue with the problematic areas. This, we believe cannot happen without mastering the art of living, focusing on spiritual growth and wellness.

We believe in the wisdom of the ancient texts and the power of mindfulness. We believe in the sanctity of the time-tested tales and the morality of the quick-fixes of today. We believe in a healthy mix of the ancient and nouveau.

And so we aspire that our readers to be global in their approach and thinking while vehemently being rooted to the soil they derive their nourishment from. This is being ‘Rooted and Free’ in the truest and fullest sense.