Impact Faculty for Computer Science and AI: Integrating Research, Teaching, and Real-World Problem Solving

Are you an academic visionary committed to shaping the future of education and society, particularly in Computer Science and AI? We invite you to join us as an Impact Faculty at Rishihood University. This is not just a mundane teaching or research role; it’s an opportunity to be a catalyst for change. Here, you will redefine academic excellence by merging innovative pedagogy with applied research and societal impact. We are creating an educational ecosystem that not only informs but transforms. If you’re ready to make a lasting impact, we want to hear from you.

Problem Statement

Higher education often falls short of delivering what is truly required for societal advancement. The current system primarily rewards faculty for publications, sidelining the importance of effective teaching and real-world problem-solving. This misalignment of academic incentives fails to prioritize student success and societal impact.


To establish an “Impact Track” for faculty members that align academic incentives with teaching excellence, real-world problem-solving, and student engagement.

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Faculty Mentors for Impact Track Faculty

Faculty Responsibilities

  1. Prioritize teaching and pedagogical innovation
  2. Engage in applied research and problem-solving
  3. Involve students in hands-on learning through projects and industry exposure

Financial Incentives

  1. Market-competitive remuneration
  2. Startup and project funding of Rs 1 lac every year
  3. Professional membership subsidies
  4. Travel grants

Impact track incentives

  1. Faculty mentorship by globally renowned faculty in Computer Science
  2. Peer groups from the industry for cutting-edge knowledge sharing
  3. Joint research project opportunities with faculty mentors
  4. Fundraising support for research projects, lab setup, and moonshot projects (Rishihood faculty have raised more than 3 crores of research funding in a span of 2 years)
  5. 6-month sabbatical once in three years
  6. Autonomy to pursue innovative ideas
  7. Student interns for project assistance

Evaluation Metrics

Impact Track Faculty performance will be evaluated based on the following quantifiable metrics:

  1. Student feedback and performance
  2. Government, Community, and Industry engagement and partnerships
  3. Applied research projects
  4. Peer-reviewed publications with a focus on real-world applications


Our strategic partnerships with companies, applied research groups, and government institutions facilitate faculty growth, educational delivery, and project outcomes.

Facilities and Culture

  1. Culture and Work-Life Integration
    • Team Diversity with members from about 17 states and 3 countries
    • Volunteering and job opportunities for spouses
    • Families get togethers and festive celebrations on campus
  2. Childcare: 50% subsidy for child’s education at our partner school (CBSE);Child care facility for toddlers
  3. Health, Fitness, Sports and Wellness:
    • 10% subsidy on medical check-up and consultations at our partner hospitals, medical facility with basic equipment for the emergencies on campus; complimentary medical insurance
    • Counseling facility on all dimensions which include Psychological, Spiritual and Career
    • Complementary sports facility with access to 15+ sports
  4. Travel and Relocation: Shuttle service for pick and drop; Relocation guidance with some important and reliable contacts; In house travel desk for official as well as personal assistance
  5. Miscellaneous Facilities:
    • Seasonal food in the dining hall
    • Tuck shop with basic items and salon on campus
    • Access to a wide range of books in the library

Eligibility (One or more of the following)

  1. Industry experience in the field of teaching
  2. Ph.D. from a global top 250 universities or an Indian top 20 universities
  3. NET + Masters from a global top 250 universities or an Indian top 20 universities
  4. Opportunities to shape up young talent filtered through a rigorous selection process
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