In Two Minds

Here’s an interesting thought. What if we really had two minds? Would we be led in two directions when thinking? But, why limit to two when we can have a multitude of ideas and choices that our vastly Creative Mind can conjure up? 

The human brain is by far the most advanced computer we know of. All the amazing abilities of AI et al pale into insignificance when compared to this beast of a techno-wizard. It is the most complex, powerful, wonderful computer possible. It is foolish to think that it is a simple organ and that it does totally as it’s told. Does it have ‘a mind of its own?’ It most certainly does. 

Medical and Scientific research show this to be the case. With the aid of the brain, we can think ourselves out of serious illness. There is truly no problem the brain can’t apply itself to, but the brain is prompted by our lead. Think negative thoughts and you will get negative results. Think positive and you’ll see positive things happening. Mind over Matter. Try it. The history of great nations is strewn with the example of amazing minds doing amazing things.

The mind, the brain, needs training. It needs guiding along its road to discovery. A great thinker knows how to harness the power of the mind. No one had greater control of their mind than Gandhi. He endured fasting, unjustified imprisonments and persecution. He endured the bitter taste of betrayal by fair-weather friends, and he managed it all. How? 

Long back, in my quest for a proactive Creative mind, I found the more simple approach I made to a problem the better the solution. For me, thinking while unknotting a tangled ball of wool really worked. 

And Gandhi – his Charkha. Yes, it is as simple as that. Of course, his devotion to home-spun underlined his devotion to the people, but the simple act of spinning Khadi focussed his mind.

We now call this process Design Thinking or Indeed Critical Thinking. It is a process that takes Creative practice in all forms and finds solutions. It cannot be taught but it can be mentored, and that is exactly what we do at the School of Creativity, Rishihood University.

I have not even scratched the surface of this subject, not remotely, but we are keen to share this knowledge with all. Do visit us or be in touch online. I am very happy to personally discuss this. 

When lost in knowing what to do

Where to go, what is true

Forget the deep, forget profound
Just tell your mind to get unwound
Untie the knots, be sound, be sure
Go to your room and close the door
Think the simplest things you know
You’ll soon find out the way to go.  

Prof. Mike Knowles
Emeritus Professor, School of Creativity,
Rishihood University

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