Inspiring Youth to Awaken the Divine: A Report on the Sri Aurobindo Youth Conference

A wave of spiritual inquiry resonated across Ramjas College, Delhi University, on January 27th, 2024, as the one-day Sri Aurobindo Youth Conference unfolded. The event, a collaboration between The Auroville Foundation and the Centre for Human Sciences, brought together 200 eager young minds from across Delhi University colleges to delve into the profound teachings of Sri Aurobindo.

The conference commenced with a ceremonial lighting of the lamp, followed by a warm message from Dr. Jayanti Ravi ji, Secretary of the Auroville Foundation. She ignited the spark of curiosity by introducing the five dreams of Sri Aurobindo, each beckoning a transformative future. Dr. Ravi ji extended a heartfelt invitation to the youth, urging them to visit Auroville, the city embodying these dreams.

Keynote speaker Prof. Ramesh Bijlani ji then took the stage, communicating the youth the spellbinding messages of Sri Aurobindo. His words resonated with the yearning for purpose and meaning that pulses within young hearts. Mr. Amit Gujral further illuminated the path with a lucid exposition of Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga, a roadmap for individual and collective transformation. Ms. Ritika Goyel delved into the realm of spirituality, guiding the audience towards an understanding of our inherent divine essence.

The diverse facets of Sri Aurobindo’s vision were further explored through talks on Integral Education by Ms. Anuradha Agrawal and Sri Aurobindo’s Nationalism by Mr. Lakshya from the Auroville Foundation. Ms. Anju Kahanna inspired the youth by showcasing the ongoing activities of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram,  Delhi branch.

Prof. Sampadananda Mishra, Director of the Centre for Human Sciences at Rishihood University, offered enriching insights on Indian knowledge systems through the lens of Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy.

Throughout the day, Mollika Ganguly, the program coordinator, and Neelabh Sharma from the Centre for Human Sciences adeptly navigated the sessions, fostering a dynamic space for dialogue and engagement. The participants were further immersed in the transformative power of Sri Aurobindo’s life through screenings of two inspiring films.

As the conference drew to a close, a palpable sense of awakening pulsed through the room. Certificates and gift bags from Auroville, tangible tokens of the day’s journey, were distributed to each participant.

The success of the conference owes a deep debt of gratitude to Dr. Pallavi Jain from Ramanujan College, whose dedication ensured the enthusiastic participation of students; Manu Vats from Rishihood University for the floor management and arranging the sumptuous breakfast and lunch for all participants. Gratitude to both Ramjas College and Ramanujan College for their constant support in organizing the conference.

The Sri Aurobindo Youth Conference was not merely an event; it was a catalyst for change. It planted a seed of awareness within the hearts of young minds, urging them to embrace their potential as co-creators of a brighter future. As these budding seeds blossom, inspired by the eternal wisdom of Sri Aurobindo, we can confidently usher in a new dawn of human evolution, infused with the spirit of divine transformation.

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