Last Minute Tips to Crack NIFT Entrance Exam 2024

NIFT Entrance Exam 2024

The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) stands tall as the bastion of creativity and advancement in Fashion. Established with a vision of promoting design excellence, NIFT has been a trailblazer in nurturing talented individuals aspiring to leave an impact in the dynamic fashion industry.

With high-tech facilities and a curriculum curated to blend conventional with modernity, NIFT continues to produce trendsetters and pioneers who redefine the style’s boundaries. As a leading institution, NIFT not only equips knowledge but also molds dreams, making sure its students get top-notch education to leave an ineradicable mark in the ever-evolving sphere of Fashion.  

As the NIFT Entrance Exam 2024 looms on the horizon, the adrenaline rush must be at its peak, along with palpable pressure. With so much on the line, it’s obvious to have mixed feelings, full of nervousness. However, fret not! Through this write-up, you will be guided via the final stretch with some valuable insights on- “How to ace NIFT entrance at the last minute?”

Mentioned underneath are some tips to crack NIFT 2024. Continue to read.

  1. Strategic Revision of Basics

It’s time to revisit the fundamental concepts forming the backbone of creativity and design. Precisely focus on the core principles, color elements, and color theory. In this manner, you will not only reinforce your comprehension but rather enhance your confidence in tackling questions coming your way.

  1. Delve into Previous Year Papers:

Even today, there is no hack that can make you understand the exam pattern and questions other than digging into previous year’s papers. This exercise will give you insights into the exam’s structure and help you figure out recurring themes. Time yourself during these practice sessions to hone your time-management skills.

  1. Mock Tests for Precision:

Go for full-length mock tests to replicate the real feel of the examination. This will not only help in assessing/evaluating your overall preparation but also improve your ability to perform under pressure. Precisely analyze your performance in each mock to identify areas needing a final touch-up.

  1. Portfolio Check:

If a portfolio is an integral part of the evaluation process, there is no better time than now to review it. Make sure your portfolio demonstrates your best work and resonates with the standards expected by NIFT. Make any required adjustments to present your skills as well as creativity at their peak.

  1. Stay Updated on Current Affairs:

General awareness is a crucial element of the NIFT entrance exam. Stay up-to-date with current affairs, especially with those related to industries like Fashion and design. Being updated about ongoing trends, designers, and industry developments will give you an edge in the general awareness section.

  1. Fine-Tune Time Management:

Plan your exam strategy punctiliously. Dedicate a specific time frame to every section, bearing in mind the weightage and proficiency in each area. Stick to the schedule during the examination to make sure you have ample time to go through all questions.

  1. Sketching Practice:

If your examination involves sketching, spare and dedicate time to practice your drawing skills. The ability to draw clear and eye-soothing sketches within a confined time frame is essential. Practice will not only improve your speed but also refine the quality of your sketches.

These are just a couple of last-minute tips that you must follow to ace the NIFT Entrance Exam 2024.

NIFT Exam Pattern 2024 

The NIFT Exam Pattern for 2024 has been released by the National Institute of Fashion Technology. It’s essential to highlight that there have been revisions in the exam pattern for the B.Des.  The NIFT 2024 examination will unfold in two stages. Stage 1 encompasses the written exams, namely GAT and CAT. It’s worth noting that only B.Des aspirants are required to take the CAT. Subsequently, shortlisted candidates must participate in a Situation Test/ Personal Interview.

According to the official NIFT 2024 exam pattern, the GAT paper will be administered in a computer-based test (CBT) mode, while the CAT paper will be conducted through offline means.

NIFT GAT 2024 Exam Pattern – B.Des

The updated exam pattern for B.Des program-

Mode of examComputer-based exam
LanguageEnglish/ Hindi
Test Duration120 minutes
SectionsNumber of Questions
Communication Ability40
English Comprehension
Quantitative Ability20
Analytical Ability15
General Knowledge and Current Affairs25

NIFT 2024 – Creative Ability Test (CAT) Pattern

The examination pattern for the Creative Ability Test is provided as follows:

  • Test Format: CAT is a pen-and-paper-based test.
  • Duration: The test spans a duration of 3 hours.
  • Evaluated Skills: CAT assesses the candidate’s intuition, powers of observation, innovation in conceptual development, and design abilities. Additionally, it examines aspirants’ creative and innovative utilization of color and illustration skills.

Crack the NIFT Entrance Exam and Sew Your Path to Glory with B.Des @ Rishihood University

Rishihood University is one of the trailblazers fostering creativity and innovation, and its Bachelor of Design (B.Des) course exemplifies this dedication. The B.Des program at Rishihood University amalgamates advanced design principles with a comprehensive approach, readying students for tremendous careers in multitudes of design domains.

Students admitted to Bachelor in Design programs benefit from a curriculum curated by industry experts as well as well-versed faculty. The program at Rishihood University focuses on hands-on learning, motivating students to explore their creativity via projects and real-world applications. 

Rishihood University’s high-tech facilities and collaborative environment provide a platform for students to engage in multi-disciplinary projects, improving their problem-solving skills.

With a great focus on industry relevance, the B.Des program at Rishihood University equips students with the skill sets required to propel them in the rapidly evolving design landscape. The Rishihood University’s dedication to holistic education ensures that graduates not only excel in their design expertise but also have a broader comprehension of societal impacts, ethics, and sustainability within the sphere of design.

By clearing the NIFT entrance exam 2024, the doors for the School of Creativity housed under Rishihood University will open.

What makes pursuing a Bachelor of Design at Rishihood University a compelling choice?

  • You will become part of the Residential School of Creativity recognized by the UGC in India.
  • You will experience an innovative “Earn While You Learn” model.
  • You will enjoy boutique design education aligned with industry standards.
  • You will benefit from industrial and international partnerships.
  • You will get a chance to engage with a diverse peer group for enriching collaborations.
  • You will explore design that pushes borders with a “Design in India, made for the world” approach.
  • You will succeed in fully equipped studios and a comprehensive resource center.
  • You will take part in community engagement through Rural Immersion Programs.

To Make the Long Story Short

The NIFT entrance exam is not just a test of knowledge; it is an evaluation of adaptability as well as creativity. As you gear up for the final showdown, always trust your preparation, stay focused, and tackle and approach questions with an open mind. The journey will be rigorous, but your dedication will undoubtedly shine through. Best of luck in cracking the NIFT Entrance Exam 2024!

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