International Conference on Universal-Integral Multilevel Education in the Spirit of the New Age

International Conference on Universal-Integral Multilevel Education in the Spirit of the New Age Organised by International Scientific School of Universology in association with the Centre for Human Sciences, Rishihood University, Sonipat India On 3-4 February 2024 At The International Centre Goa, Dona Paula, Goa

Day 1:

The inaugural day of the conference began with an Invocation and welcome by Prof. Sampadananda Mishra, Ms. Mariana, and Ms. Tatiana. Prof. Polyakov, founder of the International Scientific School of Universology, delivered the keynote speech on “Universology – A New Scientific Paradigm of the New Era,” focusing on the synthesis of spiritual and cultural heritage. He discussed various topics such as the changing world order, human development plan, and the concept of united energy systems.

Ms. Tatiana spoke about the “Transforming Power of Consciousness of the New Era,” highlighting seven main directions including systemology, philosophy, and universal modeling. Ms. Mariana discussed the “Integral Worldview in the Education of the New Era,” emphasizing triple integrity of education and the goals of education today.

Prof. Sampadanada Mishra elaborated on “New Education for New Consciousness,” emphasizing The Mother’s Symbol of 12 values and the fundamental principles of new education. Dr. Akhil talked about “Transforming Dualistic Mindset to Universal in Students,” focusing on inner curriculum and awareness of universal being.

Ms. Grishaeva discussed the “Implementation of Educational Programs of the New Era,” emphasizing conscious travel. Dr. Astha focused on the “Liberating Purpose of Education,” drawing from the ideas of Western and Indian thinkers. Ms. Sivko talked about practical ideas to actualize universalization, introducing the concept of vibration passport.

Ms. Anusree explored “Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Education Curriculum through the Lens of Auroville Model,” discussing integral development. Dr. Vladimir talked about “In Search of Integral Paradigm of Knowledge,” touching upon The Mother’s vision and technological consciousness. Mr. Neelabh explored “Vedic Siksha,” stressing the vedic context of education.

Ms. Tyageva concluded with a talk on the “City of the Future,” an experiment in creating a universal model society based on harmony and Vaastushastra principles.

Day 2 :

The second day commenced with Prof. Sampadanada Mishra elaborating on the significance of Pancha Mahabhutas in education. Prof. Polyakov discussed universal algorithms for human existence and origin. Sessions included talks on the flow of unity of the divine hierarchy, universal traditions and culture, and the path of humanity’s development through love.

Short presentations by affiliating institutions covered topics such as universal forecasting, nature-oriented living, and social consultancy. Prof. Sampadanada Mishra introduced practices related to purifying Panchamahabhutas through chakra purification mantra.

Other sessions focused on new life management programs, energetic modeling of surroundings, and the energy of the family. Practical sessions led by Mariana explored the 7 levels of human relationships and manifestation in the surrounding world.

The conference concluded with a demonstration of proposed activities and thank you notes expressing gratitude to all participants and organizers for their insightful contributions.

The International Conference on Universal-Integral Multilevel Education in the Spirit of the New Age provided a platform for insightful discussions and practical exchanges aimed at advancing education in alignment with the evolving needs of humanity. The diverse range of topics covered underscored the importance of holistic approaches and conscious evolution in education. The conference concluded with a sense of gratitude and anticipation for future collaborations in the journey towards universal-integral education.

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