Revealing the Admission Interview: A Closer Look at Entrepreneurial Candidates

As the admissions process for our unique undergraduate degree in Entrepreneurship opens, the most frequently asked question is “What do you look for in an interview?” This question is important, given the diverse backgrounds and paths of successful entrepreneurs.

Going through these interviews, we encounter a myriad of personalities – some nervous, others confident, and all with multiple interests. We appreciate the richness this diversity brings to the table. Conversations span from entrepreneurial opportunities to personal passions, revealing a spectrum of qualities in our potential students.

Here’s a glimpse into what catches our eye during these discussions:

-Observational Skills:
We look into the candidate’s exposure to a particular business, seeking opinions on seasonality and identification of weaknesses. This helps gauge the individual’s powers of observation.

-Confidence and Disagreement:
Confidence is key. We listen for hesitation in disagreement, evaluating the candidate’s tone, body language, and the spark in their eyes.

-Communication Skills:
While communication skills matter, they are viewed as a minor indication of potential success. Fluency in English is not a prerequisite; expressing opinions in any language is encouraged.

-Keen Observation of Opportunities:
We explore whether the candidate observes opportunities where others may not, such as identifying potential in a pothole-ridden road.

-Bias for Action:
Candidates with a bias for action stand out. Have they actively engaged in internships, organized events, or initiated projects? Failure is acceptable, as long as there’s a lesson learned.

-Academics and Hard Work:
Academic performance is considered but is not the sole determinant. It points to the potential for hard work but does not tip the scales.

-Curiosity and Questions:
We appreciate candidates who display curiosity and pose thoughtful questions. It reflects an active and engaged mindset.

-Risk Appetite:
A willingness to embrace risk is vital. If a candidate overly concerns themselves with placements, it may indicate a mismatch with the program’s bold and entrepreneurial nature.

-Additional Passions:
Discovering additional passions and interests indicates an active and curious mind – a quality highly valued in our program.

-Understanding the Program:
Finally, we assess whether the candidate has taken the time to understand our program and can articulate its importance to their long-term goals.

If you are contemplating applying, know that four challenging yet rewarding years await you at Rishihood University’s School of Entrepreneurship. A dynamic campus, enriching friendships, and the opportunity to shape your future beckon.

We eagerly anticipate reviewing your application, engaging in insightful discussions, and charting a path for your success! Apply now.

Vasudev Murthy, Executive Director, School of Entrepreneurship

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