Masterclass with Rajiv Malhotra

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Power

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    About the Speaker/Author

    Rajiv Malhotra is a distinguished Public Intellectual, renowned for his profound insights into the intersection of technology, geopolitics, and society. An author of several acclaimed books, Rajiv Malhotra’s work delves into the deeper implications of AI, making it accessible to a wide audience. He has been instrumental in stimulating critical discussions on how AI is shaping the future of power and its implications on humanity.

    Program Components & Itinerary

    During the Masterclass, participants will engage in intensive discussions, interactive sessions, and insightful lectures led by Rajiv Malhotra himself. The itinerary includes a comprehensive exploration of the following 5 Battlegrounds:

    Battleground 1: Economy, Industry, Education, and Jobs

    Discover how AI is transforming traditional industries, reshaping job markets, and influencing educational paradigms.

    Battleground 2: Geopolitics and Military - USA, China, and India

    Understand the geopolitical implications of AI as global superpowers compete for technological supremacy.

    Battleground 3: The Moronization of the Masses - Bowing Down to the Digital Deities

    Explore the cognitive and psychological effects of AI dependence on digital networks and social media.

    Battleground 4: Loss of Selfhood to Artificial Emotions and Gratifications

    Delve into the impact of AI-driven emotional experiences and its effects on human identity.

    Battleground 5: Stress-Testing the Indian Rashtra

    Analyze how AI is stress-testing the resilience and values of the Indian nation.

    Key Takeaways

    Program Benefits:

    • A complimentary copy of Rajiv Malhotra’s book “Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Power”
    • Meals and accommodation at Rishihood Campus. Shuttle transportation to/from a Metro Station
    • Networking opportunities with tech professionals and thinkers for future engagements
    • Access to the exclusive Tech Dinner, connecting with industry experts, academia, and policy makers

    Key Learnings:

    • A profound understanding of the future of AI and its implications
    • Insights into next-generation warfare and geopolitical dynamics
    • Knowledge of Intellectual Property Laws in the context of AI
    • Introduction to cutting-edge technologies and their applications
    • Critical analysis of the 5 Battlegrounds shaping the future of power

    Program is relevant for:

    Scholars and Working Professionals who: –

    • Are enthusiastic or concerned about Artificial Intelligence & its power in shaping our future
    • Are pursuing studies/jobs/ventures related to IT, Computer Science, Technology
    • Are interested in Intellectual Property Law, Geopolitics, Psychology, Public Policy, Indian Civilization
    • Want an introduction to AI and its strategic implications

    Scholarship Partners

    We have collaborated with donors who share our vision of fostering meaningful discussions on AI and its impact. If you need a scholarship for this masterclass, we will find a donor for you. Write to us with your background and financial need to

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