Dr. Charru Sharma

Associate Professor (Human Development&Childhood Studies)
University of Delhi, India

Dr. Charru Sharma, a distinguished Ph.D. holder in Psychology, is a beacon in the realm of education, seamlessly blending the art of drama with the science of psychology. With a career spanning over two decades as an Associate Professor at the University of Delhi, her expertise extends globally through prestigious fellowships, including the Fulbright Nehru Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania. Driven by a passion for holistic child development. Her research explores the transformative power of creative drama in fostering social and cognitive skills in children. A sought-after consultant and theatre facilitator, she has left an indelible mark on education, incorporating mindfulness, compassion, and drama to create joyful learning spaces. Dr. Charru Sharma’s international engagements, prolific publications, and captivating presentations showcase her commitment to advancing education, making her a luminary at the intersection of psychology, education, and the arts.

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