Pooja Kaur

Assistant Director - Outreach

Pooja has more than eight years of extensive expertise in the fast-paced sector of education, with a focus on Outreach, Admissions, and Career Counseling. Pooja worked closely with the Director of Admissions and financial aid while overseeing a robust outreach program at Ahmedabad University in her previous position. Her efforts were crucial in increasing enrollment from different parts of India, which is evidence of her wide network and strong communication abilities.

Pooja was also a Team Lead at a college affiliated to the West Bengal University of Technology, a state university in Kolkata, prior to her time at Ahmedabad University.

Pooja has moved through a number of positions with ease over her career, from managing admissions to doing professional outreach and offering career counseling. She also made a significant contribution in the field of marketing communications, where her skills on communications were crucial in undergraduate admissions at Ahmedabad University.

Taking up the post of Assistant Director – Outreach at Rishihood University, Pooja has now embraced a new opportunity. In this role, she will be working closely with the Director of Marketing and Outreach at Rishihood University’s and develop a thought-out outreach initiatives, with an emphasis on highlighting the unique degree programs the institution provides.

Pooja’s experience in the field of education is a testament to her unwavering commitment and intense enthusiasm for higher education. She is well-positioned to continue influencing education through meaningful outreach and involvement at Rishihood University.

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