Prof. A.G. Ramakrishnan

Former Chairperson and Professor (Retd.), Electrical Engineering Indian Institute of Science

Angarai Ganesan Ramakrishnan is a senior professor of electrical engineering and an associate faculty of Centre for Neuroscience, both at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. He also holds an adjunct faculty position in the Department of Heritage Science and Technology at the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad. He heads the Medical intelligence and language engineering lab. He also won the Manthan Award 2015 for his project, “Madhura – the gift of voice”, under the category, e-education, learning, and employment. He is also one of the founder directors of RaGaVeRa Indic Technologies private limited recognized by the Karnataka Government as one of the Elevate 2019 Startup winners.

He is one of the advisors of Bhashini AI Solutions private limited also recognized by the Karnataka Government as one of the Elevate 2019 Startup winners. From January 2017 to June 2020, he was a Member of the Karnataka Knowledge Commission (ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಜ್ಞಾನ ಆಯೋಗ).

He is a Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) since November 2019. Since August 2022, he is also the Advisor – Neuroscience to Feedfront Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a startup based in Bangalore.

Professional activities

1. Associate Editor of Frontiers in Neuroscience and Frontiers in Neurology for the section on Brain Imaging Method, since 2021.
2. Invited member of the Senate, International Institute of Information Technology-Allahabad, Prayagraj, July 2019
3. Member, Karnataka Knowledge Commission [Karnataka Jnana Aayoga, 2017 – 2020
4. Associate editor, Sadhana, January 2017 – 2019.
5. Editorial board, Current Science, January 2015 to December 2016.
6. General chair, Ninth Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing (ICVGIP 2014)
7. General chair, International Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME 2011), Manipal, India, 10–12 December 2011.
8. Board of Studies, International School of Information Management (ISiM), University of Mysore.


1. Alumni Association Award for Excellence in Research by IISc Council, 2023
2. Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering
3. Jaya-Jayant Award for Teaching Excellence in Engineering by IISc Council, 2016
4. Manthan Award (South Asia and Asia Pacific) – e-education category, 2015
5. Manthan Award 2014 under the category e-inclusion and accessibility.
6. Prof. M. Anandakrishnan Award by INFITT at 12th International Tamil Internet Conference, 2013, Univ. of Malaya.
7. Sir Andrew Watt Kay Young Researcher’s Prize from Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons, Glasgow, 1992

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