Science in the Golden Age of Innovation

Through the long, winding months of the lockdown, the sibling-duo Raghav and Raya had attended numerous online classes, submitted countless assignments, and tried every hobby imaginable. Recently, Raghav joined an informal after-school learning group to break the monotony, where he got the opportunity to implement a science-based project. Confused about where to start, he decided to consult his elder sister, and what ensued was a delightful discussion – read on! 

Raghav: Hey, what are you up to today?

Raya: Nothing much, just going through some notes.

Raghav: What is so interesting about these notes? I find every science book the same.

Raya: It is not just books, I have compiled interesting facts from multiple sources, including some podcasts and YouTube videos. Whenever I come across a technical term that I haven’t heard of before, or read about an upcoming innovation, I make a note of it. Then, I look for existing information on some reliable online sources to learn more about them. Sometimes, I find good explanations, other times I have to take my questions to my Science teacher.

Raghav: I see, do you have anything here that would give me some ideas for a project?

Raya: Now you are talking!  Let us go through the list together, I will get to revise and you might find a topic that inspires you for a new project. 

Raghav: Yes, that would be great. Please show me what you have, otherwise I’ll keep scratching my head looking at the vast information available online. Also, it is so hard to find something that my peers won’t already know about.

Raya: Don’t worry about that. New scientific discoveries are happening every minute. You just have to keep a pulse of what is relevant to your goal. Let’s begin…

Raghav and Raya flip through the notes together. Here are some snapshots of the emerging technologies they learn about:

Raghav: This is excellent! The way you have introduced each emerging field with their real-life applications instantly makes me remember what they are. I used to think that being a doctor, engineer, or lab researcher is all you could do with Science. 

Raya: Correct, I was also amazed to know that many of the scientific fields are multi and interdisciplinary. Of course you have to get the core concepts and training right, but after that what you want to do with that knowledge decides the course you chart. 

Raghav: Maybe I can make an explainer video to explain one of these scientific innovations to my group. That way, I’ll get to write a script, too. My fondness for screenplays hasn’t died yet, you know? 

Raya: Wait, I also have tidbits on Cliodynamics, Quantum Biology, Organic Electronics, Neuroparasitology…

Raghav: Okay, okay. Let me start with these first and get back to you. I am sure we will have a lot to talk about in the coming weeks.

Contributed by Arushi Sharma, this Concept Note appeared in the Emerging Technologies edition of The Plus magazine.

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