March 2023


Design Thinking – Changing the Way We Do Things

While you may perceive the term design-thinking to connect with products or digital artwork, it has evolved over the years, and today it holds great meaning for future leaders and innovators.  Design thinking is an ideology and structured process to ideate innovative solutions from a user-centric approach and then test...
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Healthcare in India – Why Should It Be Free?

Healthcare is an essential aspect of human life, and its availability and affordability significantly impact society’s well-being. In India, healthcare is still a privilege and a large percentage of the population cannot afford it. Many people even fall into poverty due to heavy medical expenditures. While healthcare at government hospitals...
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How Has Technology Changed Education?

Over the past few years, technology has grown exponentially in every sector, including education. It all started with digital learning during the pandemic to upskilling courses introduced online. Today, many new platforms offer online certification courses, and universities are providing online teaching for their courses from anywhere in the world....
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10 Reasons To Attend The Policy Bootcamp

Public Policy seems something distant for a commoner like us. Most of us do not even understand how public policy impacts all of our lives, every moment in unimaginable ways. All our actions, reactions and choices while living in a civilised society of a nation are influenced by public policy.
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Is It Time for Public Leadership to Reinvent Itself?

The world is changing rapidly, and so are the challenges for public leaders. From climate change and growing inequality to political polarization and public health crises, the problems facing society today are complex and multifaceted. The public faces challenges and guides the community through them. But will the existing learnings...
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